New bug – but it's a good one!

  • Just finished a 12 hr hard mission-but after collecting my rewards, the mission beacon thing was still flashing. So I tried it again, and again collected rewards! Did this 4 times before it finally stopped flashing! Meant I banked 7 rareiums! I assume this is a bug not intentional, either way it’s a nice bonus!!

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  • legnets123

    I have all three on 12-hr missions with just under 2-hrs remaining. I sure hope I have the same ‘bug’. :D


    I’ve just finished a medium and easy mission, have collected rewards at least 10 times in each one! Have already netted 100 plus gems and countless materials pigs and coins! With no sign of it stopping! Ha ha ha, good work Rovio!


    I haven’t this bug :(
    What did you make exactly ?




    What OS and version are you on?


    @poptimus. I’m on an iPad (Air2) OS 8.3

    Sadly, I did’t have this bug.


    Me neither. I guess it’s not a iOS bug. Shame.


    Oh man I’m going to farm gems with this and buy those 1000 gem wings for Optimus :D.


    I hate it that you can only hold 5 rareium at a time. I just did the update. It’s nice that they changed it to 25! Lol


    I’m on IOS.

    Up-date on this bug:

    Easy Mission – collected rewards at least 40 times, finally the Mission refreshed this morning
    Medium Mission – still not refreshed, am still collecting rewards, at least 50 times now!
    Hard Mission – no bug this time, collected rewards once and it re-set

    So far I’ve picked up more than 10000 pigs, 500000 coins and 400 gems, no idea how many materials as most of my silo is now full!!


    Did you use pigs to reduce the 12 hour time before launching affected missions?
    Did you use any coins to complete the mission(s) early?
    How many characters are you using for each mission?

    I have not observed this bug on android, has anyone else?


    I just let the missions play out. I think this was a one off, all subsequent missions have completed normally

    Sumit Arora

    Similar thing happened to me today when I used gems to upgrade Energon Starscream from 10 to 11, it again asked me to upgrade to and I used gems without using any coins and materials, apart from that the Portals bug also happened could collect the rewards 3 times!!


    Yea, same with me. I just got my starscream to level 13. He’s awesome now! He can kill a walking mortar tower in like 3 seconds!! Lol I hope these bugs don’t end up biting us though. It seems to me like the odds went down on hitting what you want in the lab now and the missions aren’t paying out as much keys for rewards too. Also it seems like when you don’t use pigs for reduced time, you are more likely to get more keys than if you do use pigs.


    This is the same bug that mine has
    Silo is full
    I have gained an additional million coins since this bug hit
    I have earned over 600 gems
    I unlocked the last 15 Energonicons
    And one of the tanks (Blungeon?) is upgraded to level 15.

    Unfortunately I can’t get back into the Baracks to upgrade anyone else
    So I will continue to earn coins and jems until this bug is fixed. Who knows I may max out the coins, less than 4 million to go ;)

    I am running Android Kit Kat 4.4.2

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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