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    I was able to unlock stella today. She’s only awake for 4 hours and then she sleeps for 11 hours. I think…

    The stella adventure is pretty difficult from level 4 on. They give you the option to pay gems to get three more stella cards because you have to wait 30 minutes! if you fail. Really annoying since she’s on a timer. I played the arena and you only get matched with people that have her too. Needed a bunch of spells to beat opponent though.

    My stella is at level 58 probably because I didnt buy the triple pack and didn’t get the additional feathers so I wonder where she’s going to start out at for those that are waiting the six days.

    Her power is okay. I like that you can hit something like a lone pig and still activate her bubble power to topple towers past them. I couldn’t get past level five even though I tried 3 times. I did get spell cards but can’t seem to destroy enough to get them in the later levels. :(


    Well I hit 2 jackpots so i got 11k feathers left, but truthfully i don’t know if I will unlock it in time, because those damn chests only give away 200-750 feathers each time, and I don’t  get feathers each time I get a chest.

    EDIT: Err.. i just got a third jackpot and i got her loose :p


    Happy not to have reached 1000 pink feathers.


    Well, you’re going to get her whether you like her or not. If you don’t get many feathers for her, she won’t level up much when she unlocks. I think she is fun and more useful than she used to be in the original Angry Birds.


    She’s growing on me too. I just don’t like that she’s only awake for 4 hours.

    Also, I prefer playing the arena without her. It seems like when she’s active, I’m getting paired with players that have either super high fp or tons of spells or both even when I’m on level 1 or 2.

    She’s definitrly helping in the mighty eagle training and clan events. I got 48 mighty eagle points for each of my last two attempts and almost got 60 million in the clan Vs clan battle.


    I got Stella today because of a 15000 feathers yellow card, she is at level 57, while the others are at 81. She was decisive to complete the DC today, otherwise I would have to pay gems. It was a difficult snow level with 5 rooms and numerous structures in every room. I think rovio will increase the relative difficulty of the Arena and the KPP when everyone got Stella, so she is not here to help.

    She is useful to lift some heavy structures, boss at the corner and underwater pigs, but she can’t damage the balloons. And the ability will still be activated even if you don’t press the screen before she hits something.


    In KPP, Stella lifted the Chef Pig to this position, he got stuck in that location and didn’t fall off.


    So far,  I have 36K pink feathers, I shall wait for it to unlock soon (in less than 13hrs)

    I had zero attempts to complete it before the event got ends soon, cause I also had a life to focus with than this game lmao.



    It wouldn’t have increased Stella’s card level by much anyway! I figured I would have gone from 59 to 61 if I could have completed it, which I didn’t thanks to the 30 minute reset time and the difficulty.


    I got all the way to the end of the ToF yesterday, and have gotten Stella! I got 30k feathers in one go, and if you ask me her power just kind of reverses Bomb’s or Matilda’s, moves stuff up instead of down.


    All the way to the end in ToF?! Lucky you! How many pigs you encountered on the way?



    As i got my seventh bird, I saw, that there were three cards (Stella in the middle) for extra birds.
    I think, that must be Bubblas and Hal, because of their colors, that fit really much to the rainbow-feathers, you get from your hatchling.
    I think, that will not be some birds of Stellas own flock:
    Poppy is yellow, but yellow feathers already belong to Chuck.
    Willow and Luca are blue, but blue feathers already belong to the Blues.


    I suspect they will roll out two additional birds, one at a time, the same way they’ve done Stella. After that you’ll be able to pick one for your permanent flock.


    Did anyone notice the two birds in the bottom right corner of the loading page artwork? I just noticed there are two beaks, but the birds are in shadow. The picture is on page one of this thread. One of the beaks is slightly curved down, the other is more pointy.

    Never mind.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum New bird in a little over three days?

Viewing 13 replies - 76 through 88 (of 88 total)
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