New AB Classic Update

  • There’s no Birdday update, but something else came to the original Angry Birds:  Another currency!  Now, those stars you’ve been collecting, they can be used to unlock levels.  That’s right, levels you never unlocked before are now locked behind a star-wall; but don’t worry, stars are plentiful!

    Also, it appears that some of the old Birdday levels have been conglomerated into the original Birdday chapter.  (Maybe this happened before, but I didn’t notice)

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  • Mechanic Pig

    If it was the birdday update, it would’ve already been too late :P Also the Mighty League is much easier now!


    @sumobro think your right about the amalgamation of the birdday episodes.
    Got the stars at top of screen. 45 thought I had more but not sure as i never seen my star count before. Only other difference i can see is there is 3 sets of gems 5/10/15 to be collected in each set of episodes


    Well done Rovio, I wonder if making gates to things, which were free for all those years, will make you new players. Maybe add one or two cash grabs more, just to make the game completely unplayable.

    BTW – has anyone got 36/36 Golden Eggs? I believe that the iOS-exclusive GE (#33) is counted to the score, but I don’t have any proof.


    @mp127 Well….It makes the game a little more challenging.


    At least Rovio moved the Episodes button back to the centre. The previous version demoted it to the bottom right corner, which is arguably Rovio’s worst move ever.

    As for the star-walls, it’s obviously just for the weak newcomers. We the veterans, as well as some freshly-joined sharpshooters, would get all the stars in no time as soon as new episodes are out.


    @bullet I don’t think there will be new episodes,since the birds were making a party at the ending cutscene.


    Maybe I should rephrase it.

    We the veterans have never needed any currency to finish episodes in the past: stars, 3-star minima, walkthroughs, everything. All done in less than a week. There were tough levels, sure, but we thought for strategies and hone in our skills to beat them, all by ourselves. So we never cared about the coins and gems that Rovio had stuffed to us. Same goes for some sharpshooters who never emerged in the network.


    However, Rovio decided to pander with the weaklings who refuse to improve their skills, but are willing to pay. The power-ups mark the beginning of the end, as AB becomes a game about finance instead of skill. The star-walls are just yet another stuff aiming for those weaklings, who need yet another excuse to pay to Rovio.


    Yeah, it sucks that Rovio has abandoned us the veterans, but at least there’s still hope. Rovio could have left the Episodes button at the bottom right corner.


    Anyone know why I’m getting a “warm up to check out the feather league”? I’ve been on the diamond league for a while and it won’t let me play it now since Sunday. Feather league countdown</p>


    @Mp127 GE#33 is counted towards the total.  Just another annoying thing that I can’t complete…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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