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  • Hello all,

    Not sure if this would be of benefit to me or not. I really only play an event seriously about every 2 months. They just take too much of my time. But when I do, I try to get a decent rank. When I reach the stronger enemies and share the fight, it is by chance that I get someone willing to help due to the stronger enemy.

    Do you find it helpful to have friends to share battles with that you know are strong enough to contribute a decent attack? Or do you find you have better luck Sharing with the crowd.

    Not sure how the FB fight sharing works, but here is a link to my profile if anyone wants to add me as a FB friend.

    ***If anyone would be interested in forming a team to play and help each other in monster events, that would be great.*** Players of all levels and participation…I encourage you. I don’t play every event, but when I do it would be nice to have a group of players willing to help each other out in the high level monster battles. So far, one person sent me a request. If you do, send me a FB msg also so I know. Thanks.

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  • Kobalt

    I sent you a request, I’m Jhon :)


    I would be willing to, but how will I know if you are playing the event? You said you only play every few weeks or months, and in my experience once a request to friends is sent the option to ask everyone is no longer available. Right now I only have 1 friend to ask for help (who rarely plays and is really weak) so usually ask everyone, my concern is: how will I know when you are participating in an event? Because I would not want to waste requests sending to you and you are not participating.

    Side note: I’m a decent player with strong equipment, if I am trying my best I will make it into the second tier ranking. My highest was 1000 at the end of an event.


    When I play an event seriously, I place around 1000-2000./if I want to take it more seriously i can. Current rank around 510. I have mid level equipment and play decent.

    I would just keep adding Friends until you have enough to make submitting a fight request worthwhile. Like 50-100/friends. It looks like they will have an option soon to battle friends. So even if they aren’t playing an event and you’re still sending fights tonthe field, looks like a fun option on the side.


    Gonna add you so that you can help me and so that I can help you in those Monster Pig fights! ;)


    I sent a fb fr request to u Chris and anyone that wants to add my fb acct here’s the link

    @szabina Somebody help me!! I would like abf friends! Thanks

Home Forums Angry Birds Fight! Forum Need FB friends who play mid-to high level fights

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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