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  • Hi guys, I’ve been playing for a few months now and I’ve never been able to crack the top 4k in monster events. Beating the pigs is not the problem, the quantity is. Even within the first few hours of a new event the top players have thousands of points…how is that possible? With the given energy and coming back frequently I can’t get high leveled pigs to get the big #s like I see others get. Am I doing something wrong or are there tips to get high leveled pigs?

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  • Veggie

    Just ignore the Top 200 List.
    Just try to play every 90 Minutes and if necessary use some gems if you are ask for help.


    Play daily. At least 6 hours a day. If you can’t get MVP for your own pig by using at most 2 anchors, then let your pig expire. Start helping others.

    Beth Patrylak

    Fight your pig once if you don’t have any of the special ship parts ask for help from everyone and then help others I always finish in the top 2000 the only time I don’t is if I want to grab a certain pig in the prizes


    Top 200 isn’t that hard to reach and to stay in, but you have to play at least 12 hours a day. Top 25 is impossible without any special ship parts and a lot of gems. But if you look at the names of the first 100 people, they are almost the same every event, they are the real fight pro’s :). Maybe one hint, try to play a lot when the event starts, your monsters will be higher level sooner and people will help you instead of the low level ones because they get more points!


    I never expect to get in the top 2k I just wasn’t sure if there was a way to get there without buying gems. I’m on pretty often and even then it seems like there aren’t enough anchors to get that many fight points. I really need a bow upgrade, my mast and ship are decent but the bow is lagging. Thanks for the info guys



    I never thought I would say this, but, I actually miss monster pig events……..



    @gatorhater, when you say your Ship & Mast are decent, what do you have? I play on an iPad & iPhone & the very 1st day I played on each (the Worldwide release about 16 monthe ago), I had 1 free Slot spin resulting in an SS Ship for each device. Even with that, because my Birds had low levels, until I had an attack twice Mast & SS Bow, I could not crack Top 2000 when I 1st started playing. Back then what’s now Top 2000 was Top 500 & that was very very hard to do!

    We all have to progress from #1 Super (yellow) & regular (green) Pigs, even those you see who have those thousand plus points on Day 1, so it’s not possible to skip lower level Pigs. I’m not sure you have to play 12hrs a day for the Top 4000 you seek, but 6 is likely minimum, more likely 8. If spending Gems, wait until the last 3 days when the “special” Pigs appear because level 1 with MVP is a minimum of 400 points.

    What I’m surprised, actually shocked, no one has mentioned is the difference in the points system for using FB vs non FB. I know last Event’s #3, PiggySue uses FB Help, because we “spoke” via FB posts after the Event (purely coincidence, we both used FB names other than what we see during the Event.) I just happend to see other players sending congratulations & did the same. I don’t know how FB Help points work, but it’s my understanding they are in lieu of MVP. If all FB HELP get the same points then MVP would be irrelevant. I believe these Top players we’re seeing likely use FB Help. Because MVP seems to be irrelevant, they share their Pigs with each other. I think everyone helping gets the same points with only the spotter getting the Bonus points. I really hope someone who uses FB will chime in so we can get clarification, because I’m just guessing on the points system, but I’ve chatted with a few FB users & they all say they use a messenger/chat system to share their Pigs.

    Hope this is some help for you & good luck with the next Event.


    I still think it’s impossible to get the amount of points that top players has on the first day, I meant right now the top ranks has like 7-9k of points and it’s not even 12hrs yet.


    7-9k on day one is way impossible…. only when you spend a lot of gems!!

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