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  • Marsh

    What happened to this thread?


    Does somebody know how to decompile Angry Birds 1.6.3 for android?

    Converting the APK file onto a ZIP doesn’t work for images and scripts.

    The images come in a strange raster image format named PVR, I need to convert it to a common image format.

    The LUA scripts are corrupted, they have strange unicode and russian-like characters.

    If someone knows how to successfully decompile it and convert the images to PNG or BMP please let me know.


    I only could extract the audio files.


    planning on making a github project where i will write and post free to use code for any angry birds mod.


    And in the end, what happened to this mod? I love his style and once I grabbed the images and made my own mod but only with the images of the red bird

    I really speak Spanish, I’m using the translator


    Hello , how to make a bird with Custom Ability ?


    You can make a bird with custom ability by using the example here.

    if birdSpecialty == “EXAMPLE” then
    local force = boostForce * physicsScale * flyingBird.mass
    local x, y = vNormalize(flyingBird.xVel, flyingBird.yVel)
    5 * force,
    -y * force,
    flyingBird.y )
    addParticles(, blockTable.blocks[flyingBird.definition].particles, 13)
    _G.res.playAudio(getAudioName(blockTable.blocks[flyingBird.definition].specialSound), 1, false)[].sprite = “BIRD_YELLOW_SPECIAL”
    local lx, ly = physicsToWorldTransform(flyingBird.x, flyingBird.y)


    this section sure has become something one of a kind of its own hasn’t it

    Mr. Pollo

    Can agree. I’m surprised there isn’t a separate board for Angry Birds Mods/Modding. Unfortunately, this website isn’t as up-to-date as it used to be, but hopefully that can change once a big project is teased, like a third movie or a collab with a Sega property.

Viewing 9 replies - 776 through 784 (of 784 total)
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