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  • After the update, half of my levels in the beach area don’t produce coins or levels.

    Also in Jenga mode I see all these cool accessories on the characters that I cannot buy.

    Is anyone else having these issues?

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  • OzYank

    I have been experiencing weird things with Transformers with missing coins. After playing and get my rewards in the way of coins and pigs, I don’t get them. After I play game with a fully energised pig, and thank the Transformer that helped me with the game, the screen switches to Piggy Island. When that happens, reward coins rise up to be added to my total. With many games that is not happening anymore. Instead, the Transformer I just used appears with its energy level low. That tells me that it was used in a game but I got no reward. And that is frustrating not only because I don’t get my reward, but I have to pay to re-energize my Transformer.
    i’m considering deleting Transformers and to playing anymore. I don’t like being cheated.


    After completing a level and the coins don’t get added just go into your upgrade menu and return to the island and your coins will be there. Also other TFS going missions after levels is probably a bug Rovio needs to work out or a mischievous way of getting players to pick a good level first and not hoping it will still be there when you want it next. Happy Hunting.

    Mad Kat

    I am not sure the barren nodes is a bug. Some of my nodes have stopped producing events too. May it be something to do with how far your have advanced in rank? Some nodes seem to be ‘retiring’ when you get enough ahead on rank.

    Since the update, I only get nodes to play in the new pig city, new lake, and old beach and old Wild West areas of the map. Two types of events have ceased – the first is the old lawn area and the second is the area where you have beach followed by a rocky/grassy stretch and then followed by beach again. I miss them both. They had events that were of hard difficulty too.


    One thing i have noticed, is that If i lose a node due to the bug, It comes BACK! Not every time that I can state for sure, But i definitely have gone “Darn! it got rid of my very easy Goldbite level in the farthest upper left of the Map. Then a few runs later it’s back. Same spot, difficulty, and character… I feel like it’s happened for than once but it is hard to say precisely because the nodes can hard to memorize (unless it’s something like the one above where it is in a very specific location).

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Missing beach levels / coins

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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