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  • The Mighty League keeps locking up, but after I’ve used valuable power-ups and flinging the bird.  The only option is to close the app.  Upon reopening, the used power-up is gone, but without having received any benefit from it.  Rovio keeps screwing up these games and is at risk of losing long-time players, in their never-ending quest to tweak the game to prompt in-app purchases.

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  • ixan57

    @jasonwj1 got the same problem since last update when they took away the tickets.
    Always seems to happen when the pu causes a lot of destruction.looks as if it can’t handle the data rush.
    Have gave up contacting rovio support as i haven’t had any positive in the past


    The game is basically unplayable – constant freezing…

    Response from tech support:

    “Hello there,

    thank you for the provided information and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We wish to tell you that we have forwarded your report on the crashes to our development team. Hopefully, a fix will be provided soon. However, that would require an additional update, and it is not possible for us to predict its release date. Until a fix to this issue is provided, our hands are tied. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Stay tuned for the updates, thanks for help and understanding!

    Best regards,”


    I totally agree that this game has recently become unplayable. Constant crashes, freezes, locks up when trying to access the “Stickers” trophy on the lower right hand corner . . . it is so ridiculous and Rovio’s answer is unacceptable because it offers no answers


    Having the same problem! Constant crashes, freezes, and locks up when trying to access the trophy on the lower right handcorner. After clicking on my name, it took me to the various option for changing your name tag color. I notice that the indicator symbol (upperleft side of page) is frozen and won’t disappear once I selected a different color name tag. This may be the area that is causing the problem. If this isn’t repaired soon, my time with Angry Birds Master League is finished…….


    I’ve been trying to play all day. The minute it stops rounding up pigs it goes to home screen. Im a patient person but this is sad. Most of the time I can’t get thru an attempt without the app freeze. I had a really great score on one section and just before it posted my screen froze and I got dropped into my home screen. I’m not great at this but I’m partially handicapped and this relieves a lot of boredom.


    I’m going to solitaire. The commercials are shorter. I dont have to buy something to keep playing. The crashes with power-ups being lost is more than frustrating. By now I should have lots of coins but I can’t get into little trophy thingy. We are all fans of the game. It’s really a shame this isn’t being taken seriously. Does Rovio even get these complaints?


    I’ll add my complaint just in case it makes any difference. I’m having the same problem with lock-ups, crashes and inability to access the stickers. I notice I’m not being given any new stickers, but I’d like to access the ones I’ve earned. I’m also about to stop playing this game. Not worth the frustration .


    Add me to the pile…. Pfffft!!! ONLY locks up on Mighty League,  when I use my power ups,  or when I just got a SLAMMING good score!!!

    Something’s hinky,  in that,  I’m also having the problems of EACH OTHER PLAYER LISTED ABOVE. There used to be a short cut through the BARRAGE of ads. I’m seeing a THIRTY SECOND AD after EVERY play in the regular game , and RARE offers , if any,  of “free 10 minute powerscope”.

    I don’t pay to play,  but in all honesty,  I LOVE the majority of Rovio Birds games,  and I’m not finding this problem in ANY of the other games.

    I’m going to hang in,  be demoted to the “plastic league”, as I believe will be invented with the low scores I’ve been receiving .

    As I said,  I just wanted to add my name/complaint to the list,  as I’ve had little to no help with tech support . (Starting and restarting your device has NEVER been the problem)


    It’s been several months now and they STILL have not fixed the freezing/crashing.

    For me, it’s mostly during the Mighty League and usually when I watch a video to gain a power up.

    The last time I heard from Tech Support was on April 19, 2018: “I have forwarded your report on the crashes to our development team. Hopefully, a fix will be provided soon. However, that would require an additional update, and it is not possible for us to predict its release date.”

    They did have an update since then, but it hasn’t fixed the problem.

    Oh well. Sigh.



    I finally had it today.  I was a longtime player who was probably tens of thousands of levels in, across multiple games, but the crashing issues finally put me over the edge.  earlier today, I deleted each and every Angry Birds title on my iPhone.  Best of luck to the rest of you, but Rovio has lost all of my attention and business.




    Is there any way to fix it? I could even buy a full and working version: O
    I want to play in the League normal


    don-hardy, was that a reference to my claim of deleting all of my AB apps?  If so, I guess it doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not.  Suffice it to say, not all of us need the addictive nature of these games to lead fulfilling lives.  I did, indeed, delete each and every one of the AB apps from my phone that day.  I was a long-time user who had reached the current max levels on a number of the games.  And I haven’t lost a bit of sleep about deleting all of them.  They’re only games.


    It’s sad and you’re right, but I really like these games


    I did, as well.  I spent years killing time playing them.  I dealt with their shift to shamelessly pushing in-app purchases, but their repeated refusals to deal with the bugginess sent me over the edge to deletion.


    Not only dos the app lock up when buying a gem pack the payment processed locked and I’m out $20… WTF

    i love playing when it works but today on the 6th level every time you power up the game locks… no other apps running, fresh restart and still the same thing!

    Support told me there is nothing they can do until an update. I’ll settle for MARIO Run for the time being!


    It is continuing to lock up yesterday, 8 times in a row, I lost 800 points using the bomb birds for the same game each time. Although I’ve been champion several times in the league, I will not be playing it again until it is fixed. If it can’t be fixed ie. not freezing up, or at least returning your points, I’m gone for good. I think everyone who freezes up should just leave. Maybe they’ll come up with a better game next.



    My game constantly freezes too when using powerups on the Mighty League. This made me lose a lot of powerups already so I won’t play on the league again until the issue gets fixed.


    The game is now totally unplayable, unmitigated shi*e. Constantly freezing and crashing, losing valuable power-ups. It’s about time Rovio pulled their fingers out and sorted it. The problems have been there long enough and have been flagged. It seems customer satisfaction is not a consideration


    I’ve been going through the exact same thing for a long time now. ..losing Power-ups, losing Reward Eggs, earning rewards and not receiving them…all due to “Locking up-screen freezing”…I love this game…but this gets old (closing it out, opening it back up, deleting and thrn reinstalling App)

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