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  • A good place to suggest items for the new Mighty Eagle’s Shop!

    Suggestions so far:

    Spells. 100 for 2 Spells, 250 for 8 Spells, 500 for 18 spells, 1000 for 50 spells.

    Gems. 2 for each gem.

    Hats. 20 For 1x hats, 50 for 2x hats, 100 for 3x hats, 250 for 4x hats, 500 for 5x hats (New hat?), 1000 for 10x hats.

    Tickets. 100 for 3, 250 for 10, 500 for 25.

    Be free to add other suggestions ;)

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  • ryan-kochie

    I’d like bonuses, 10% extra feathers in chest, reduced cost on clan events, increased daily quest rewards, that sort of thing.


    I have a question in this context:

    What‘s the effect of rainbow feathers, apart from what Rovio (totally uselessly) say on their homepage: ‚Rainbow feathers are a type of reward that lets you choose which bird you want to give feathers to.‘

    Do they only serve as a decoration? Or do they have/provide any further benefit?


    They act as any other feather, it’s X amount of feathers to give to any bird you want to level them up.

    RIP Piggies

    Has anyone confirmed whether any ME$ not spent on this month’s shopping trip are maintained until the next one? I’m interested in saving up rather than splurging – e.g. getting a second x11 hat will take more than one “season” of winnings for me!

    Mechanic Pig

    @ryan-kochie How many coins?


    @rippiggies: the Coins will remain in your account until next season and you can spend it then.
    This is a quote from an e-mail from Rovio support:

    1. The unspent coins will be there when the shop opens again, after the next season.



    Samurai hat set will be unachievable to me as I got 2000 coins which means 31000/2000=15 seasons. 1 season ~ 3 months elik 3,5 year’s of nonstop playing. My family says I’m already sick and addicted. After that they’ll hospitalize me for sure :) So my suggestion is to reduce seasons length or cost of the hat’s. And if they don’t – people gonna lose interest I think.

    Mechanic Pig

    @apprentice Don’t forget that your flock will get more powerful, which means more coins, buy Red’s samurai hat as soon as possible, and now the seasons are actually shorter, so that’s half of what you expect the seasons to be ;)

    Sean Kilmer

    Could Rovio offer a chance to get any missing NFL hats in the Mighty Eagle Shop?


    @seankilmer- that’s what I would like- a chance to get any missing NFL hats, I would use coins for that.  I would even use black pearls.



    Lower the cost for samurai hat, that’s all I’ll ask for.

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