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  • Why does the game constantly match up opponents with ridiculous discrepancies in their leaderboard numbers. I am in the 200,000 number and am almost always matched against opponents in the under 100,000 range and quite often in the 50,000 range. It’s very aggravating and makes me want to stop playing.

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  • Napmaster

    This is just from my observations. I used to be frustrated like you, but time tempered my initial reaction.

    Matching is a 2 way street, so you have to think about it from both sides. If you are on a streak, the matching will try to give you an opponent to end your streak. So if you’ve lost a few in a row, you will likely get a weak opponent. If you win a few in a row, you will likely get a very tough opponent. The same is true for your opponent as well. So your matchup with higher ranked opponents may be due to their losing ways.


    @napmaster Your match gets more difficult as your winning streaks go up? I did not know this one.



    Well I dont realise it(Cause I am the top 500)


    In the arena, I seem to come up against a lot of Reds that have any of Big Ben, the gold movie projector & that ‘welcome Angry Birds’ figurine. Rigged anyone???


    @rhys4aufc, I think that’s because 2 of those 3 items were prizes earned through Monster Pig Events so many many people earned them. The Movie Projector was 1 of the ranking prizes with the Leonard Pig Event. The “Welcome Angry Birds” figurine is called Billy & I don’t remember when it was a prize, but I think it was months ago.

    Joe Pagano

    napmaster….. interesting theory but i’m afraid it just doesnt fly here is a sampling of 10 consecutive fights for me

    1. 200,000 vs 80,000 L
    2. 200,000 vs 17,776 L
    3 200,000 vs 19,775 L
    4. 200,000 vs 70,000 L
    5. 200,000 vs 56,633 L
    6. 200,000 vs 100,000 L
    7. 200,000 vs 29,028 L
    8. 200,000 vs 89,023 W
    9. 200,000 vs 62,322 L
    10. 200,000 vs 24,241 L

    I’ve been playing the bomb bird and have equipped crystal staff, lobster hat and party glasses all are maxed at 3 stars.


    No offence, but why does it matter if you win or lose?

    If you lose, you go backward on island progress, and you can’t finish new island, but you don’t really get anything from finishing new island anyways, other than few diamonds.

    The only times you want to win are, daily missions and arena. I don’t really care if I lose in regular fights. I think Fight points is useless.

    Joe Pagano

    because i would at least like it to feel that its a fair game but the match ups are stupidly skewed


    @joe-pagano With a set of good items, you can beat players 10 levels higher than you. I have been kicking people’s a$$ in arena with my Red’s items.

    That’s the thing about this game, you need good items, but you need to pay.

    Good items don’t get you win 100%, but I’d say 90% of times. I have crazy winning streaks in the arena all because of my Red’s items.


    Their ranking doesn’t matter to be honest. It has absolutely no effect on gameplay whatsoever so I have no clue why losing to these guys is any different than losing to someone in the top 500,000. Heck, one time I beat a player that was in the top 30, even though I’m in the top 4,000. :P

    Like @tomt said, it’s all about the items you have.


    Yep, Top Ranking only shows that you are a longterm player.


    @veggie @partshade I would like to see ranking based on winning% instead of total fight points.

    Or they could have two rankings, one for who has the most fight points, and the other for who has the highest winning %.

    But the problem with winning % is that, newbies and people who don’t play a lot will usually have the highest winning %

    But who cares?! Being top ranking doesn’t get you anything special!!

    Joe Pagano

    So whats the point of even having a leaderboard if it doesnt show the better players?


    @tomt That would be cool! Those good players with panel increasers would dominate though. O.o

    Exactly… I never understood why Rovio added an overall leaderboard that isn’t actually viewable. :P


    @partshade So what’s the point of the leaderboard?

    #1. Who plays the most and the longest?
    #2. Who wins the most? Percentage-wise
    #3. I would like to see one with the longest winning streaks

    But it’s really useless, the leaderboard. Sometimes I just start the fight and do nothing, just to get arena tickets or getting monster pigs.


    @tomt #1. I’d personally like to see #2 though.

    Agreed. Rovio really needs to add some kind of daily reward for the players higher on the board.

    Floyd DBoy Woodard

    I felt that way at first but idk now. Im switching between 400k 500k and unranked and faced 53 ranked after 13 winning streak and beat him quite easy with my l13 red. I think it matches more to close possible outcome. I usually fight higher levels but i have vs higher level boost and heart up with streak.


    @floyd-dboy-woodard Again, top ranking doesn’t mean anything. I have beaten top 100 players so many times, and I’m ranked in the 5000’s.

    All you need is a set of good items, that’s it.

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