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  • In island fights, IF there is a choice, I know I should match the panels of the bird I’m using in the fight.

    In ship fights, IF there is a choice, should I match my captain’s panels or other birds’? The reason I’m asking is because when you match other birds’ panels, your captain also gets the points, so that makes you earn double points, right?

    For ship fights, how should the matching order be?
    highest attack bird panels > captain panels? or captain panels > highest attack > other birds ??

    I’m confused……


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  • Netto JM

    captain panels > highest attack, your captain get more points matching their panels than others panels, so that’s extremely important that your captain is the owner of the ship (for example, black soul must have blues as Captain).

    , I think I just had a battle against you these days, if your name in game is Tom or something like that, I’m not sure (mine is PM-NettoJM)


    @netto-jm Let’s say if I had the Black Soul, and my Chuck has way way way higher attack than Blues, should I still use Blues as the captain, or Chuck? Because the captain gets extra points from matching panels, but Blues get the extra effect from Black Soul.

    No, my player name is BarBarBar.

    Netto JM

    @tomt The most important is that the captain is the owner of the Special Mast, so if you have Chuck special mast, and does not have a Chuck’s ship, you can use another as the Black Soul and use Chuck as captain. If you do not have any special mast, it’s more important that the captain is the owner of the ship.

    Tip: Go to the lab and get the highest attack SS weapon for Blues if you still don’t have.


    @netto-jm I’m using the Haunted Mast, and it says “Attack is up when Blues is the captain”.

    If I use Blues as the captain, the ship attack goes up about 70 points, but my Chuck has way higher attack than Blues.

    So should I use Blues as captain to increase ship attack by 70 points, or should I use Chuck as the captain because my Chuck has way higher attack than Blues?

    so confused….. *_*


    Each of the birds [including the captain] appears to get a point for each of it’s panels that is matched. [ie: match 3 = 3 points for that bird]. The captain gets ‘1’ extra point for each match that is done.

    As for figuring out if you should use a higher attack bird than the one that you are supposed to use for your ship, watch the actual fight with the correct bird [for the ship]. During the playback, it shows each bird and it’s attack.

    Divide the attack administered [in a single shot] by the number of points the bird earned in that fight and you’ll know how much ‘attack’ each ‘point’ is worth.

    [Simplified math example]
    So if Blues has 100 ‘points’ at the end of the puzzle and during the fight administers a [one time] ‘attack’ of 120, you’ll know you get 1.2 ‘attack’ for each Blues point. If Chuck earns 25 points during the puzzle and administers a [one time] ‘attack’ of 50, he’s getting 2 ‘attack’ for each point making it more advantageous to maximize chuck as the captain.
    If chuck were only administering a 20 [one time] ‘attack’ you know he’s getting less than one attack per point which would make blues the better captain.

    [I know the numbers aren’t realistic, I just tried to use numbers that made the math part easy to understand]

    Basically you need to know who has more valuable attack per point earned in the puzzle and the best way to figure that out is to calculate how much ‘attack’ is being administered by both birds during the fight when [for the haunted mast example] Blues is captain].


    Obviously if you have a mast where the [specified] captain goes twice, in that scenario you’d want the specified captain because they’ll administer two times the attack.


    Another hint: dress your birds to maximize their value before battling with the ship.

    If you use a lower value weapon in PVP fights [because it has a special power to give you bonuses], the special powers of that weapon don’t apply in the ship battles so you’ll want you’re bird to have the highest attack weapon possible.

    You’ll also want to maximize the ‘heart’ [health] with the accessory the bird wears as all of the birds’ total ‘heart’ count towards the ship’s base defense. If you use an accessory that has defense or attack during PVP fights, you might want to consider switching to the accessory that maximizes your heart value for ship fights.

    Side Note: It would be nice if [instead of the ‘auto’ button] there was a single button that would dress all the birds in a configuration we pre-set. [Like ‘Lab’ ‘PVP’ or ‘Ship’ so we didn’t have to go through and redress each bird individually every time we did something different in the game. The ‘auto’ button is usually only good for ship mode, but even then sometimes doesn’t pick a heart accessory over something else.


    @dezi-wright Oh right, that’s actually a good idea, dividing the attack by the points.

    I don’t use the “auto” function, because it doesn’t take into account that sometimes you need special bonus effect. The “auto” function only consider the “numbers”.


    auto is the perfect option for bird equipment in ship fight



    For ship battles, the special skills of the birds aren’t considered so you want the highest value numbers of items for the birds to wear. [How you plan the ship pieces may be different].

    For example, the total heart value of the ship and all the birds becomes your base defense for the ship [the value in front of the + sign showing defense]. So if your bird normally plays with a lower value item in PVP mode because it generates extra panels or something, that skill isn’t applicable to the ship [you need the ship part that generates extra panels] so in that case, using the item with highest heart value for each bird [usually the ‘auto’ is ok for this] gets you the maximum base defense for the ship.

    You can see this easily by clicking on the ship & looking at it’s values for attack, defense and heart. Change how a bird is dressed, go back and look at the values and they’ll be different.

    When you level up birds, your ship values increase as well as the ship values consist of the ship parts plus the birds’ values as they’re currently dressed.

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