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  • In the monster event I am ranked #544, 2 sec later with same points I am ranked #158. Then #553. Click on monster pig to fight but exit befor fight and I am ranked #509 (without having played).

    Ranking is a mess…

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  • Skayra

    Ya sometimes mg rank show top24 sometimes top40

    But mostly stack at top100-140 (but i am not in leaderboard)


    Like i mentionned before. The ranking jump is because of cheaters (well I think) when your rank is top 200 it move less but you can easely know how many cheaters there is with score higher then you.

    In my case actually my normal rank is about 1200. But I jump to 600ish with 15.5k points only.

    This event might be different because of multiple server problem. Maybe sometime player from a server are not listed.

    I normally am in the top 200 for most event. Last time I finished 48 but was in leaderboard around 180. So there was about 130 cheaters between rank 180 and 48.

    I will see if I can make it to top 500 (when Rovio ranking os at the lowest.

    My rank need to be around 900-1000 I assume if I want to get in top 500 cheaters removed. We will see in 3 days if my ranking observation is good.

    From all past event/arena. The lowest rank provided by refreshing your rank is always the good one.


    @troisdsmax if your cheater theory is right, top200 have like 70-100 cheater LOL


    @Skayra for sure. Top 100 has around 70.

    From my last event looking i’m getting pretty sure my theory is right and yes when you cheat you shouldnt be under top 500… I mean with unlimited energy… i’d be top 10


    @troisdsmax I don’t think getting 900-1000 will result in Top 500. I think the majority of the cheaters caught & banned at the end of the Event are in the Top 200. I made the Top 500 in last 2 Events with 387 & 358, but the difference between what I saw at end & the actual official rank the next day wasn’t more than 1 or 2 spots. This tells me that there are almost no, if any banned cheaters at this rank level.

    Prior to these 2, in other Events I’d had rankings of 590 to mid 700s & again, the difference between what I thought was my Rank when the Event ended & the official Rank the next day wasn’t more than 1 or 2 & I attributed this to the last second points awarded in another player’s Fight. I think I read you were unfortunatly impacted by this Event’s outage, but if you want this Ship based on what I’ve seen as Rank differences at the 350-400 level, you’d need to be under 500 because it doesn’t look like the banned players are in the 501-1000 Ranks.


    @justpast40 my score atm is 19k and my rank is 736 and jump down to 264. Thats almost 500 spot.

    I dont want the ship. I want the fight points

    Im pretty sure that in top 1000 there is 500 cheaters btw. The best your rank get the lowest the rank variation is with cheater.



    This is what I don’t get. I rank 56 at the same time as another player who has a way higher score.


    I actually emailed Rovio and asked them that among other questions. I will post my response.


    its like when leaderboard change (per 2 hour)

    Example if i am in 180 in leaderboard, my rank showes like 90. Backing menu going back event and checking and still my rank shows 90.

    This is why i said if your theory is right, top200 have 70-100 cheater


    @tomt @skayra what is your score/rank now?

    I’m going back up since Clam joined the event.

    my rank is now 615/111 with 24k

    Just want to know how far I am from real top 500


    @troisdsmax 34.398 point. Rank show top82 (but in leaderboard i am like top150)


    my ranking move a lot less now, 34k give me 325th place right now. (or 49th)



    Wow 3 minutes before events ended I was 389. I ended 563…. so dissapointed =(

    389 was my highest score on list. Lowest was 49.

    Mighty Red

    2 hours before the end of the event my rank was around 7200. However, somehow I finished 10017th. This is definitely bizarre, so I immediately sent a support request to Rovio.

    Other people are also commenting these drastic drops in ranking on an AB Fight! Facebook post.


    Here is what Rovio said.

    “The ranking is unfortunately not updated in real time, because that would cause too much load for the servers. This is why your ranking sometimes acts strangely.”

    I can understand that given the amount of players. However, in other games I have played when an event ended, the amount of ranking changes after the event is not that drastic. I did email them again just letting them know that this is a hot topic on the forum and needs to be further address. Real time and money are invested and one shouldn’t have be concerned with falling out of the current rank tier.

    I finshed my best ever. 298. ANd I knew it would fall some. But this morning, I was ranked 548. In the top 500, it’s not enough to finish in the middle of the pack.


    The last time I checked my rank, I was at 8k. Now, I am at 12k when I got back to the game. That was quite a huge drop there… They really need to take action to prevent this drastic drop from happening in future monster pig events.


    Same here! 2 minutes before end I was at 1820 and ended up in 4057. Is too much.


    It looks like Rovio will revise the ranking from reading Facebook official site.

    We have confirmed that some users’ final ranking in “Seastar Monster Event” were inaccurate. We are currently double checking scores and rankings and will make sure correct prizes are awarded accordingly. Thank you for your patience.

    I was also affected.
    One account, I was at around 38x at the end of event, and next morning it jumped to 612.

    The other account didn’t change much. I was in 82, then it jumped to 86.

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