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  • There are already several threads about imaginary classes, enemies, and even potions, but they appear to have receded from the latest threads. You can think of anything below (new classes, new enemies, potions, set items, etc. ) and reply about it.
    NOTE: This is not a wishlist thread.

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  • epicMarksmen

    Here’s a set for Chuck:
    Weapon:Horror Bone(Hokus pokus)
    Shield:Horror Skull(vitality)
    Set Bonus:Vampire(All birds have 10% chance recieves 100% healing from Chuck’s damages)


    A set for Blues:
    Weapon:The Magic Stick(boomberang,chain attack)
    Set Bonus:Magic Trick(negetive effects from all birds have 50% chance to succumb to all enemies)


    A set for Red:
    Weapon:Sword of braveness(chain attack)
    Shield:Shield of honor(might)
    Set Bonus:Righteous Order(all enemies will attack the bird with the highest HP after the battle begins,if the bird changes,the enemies will change their target instantly)


    A set for Matilda:
    Weapon:Tea Spoon(critical)
    Set Bonus:Herb Effects(All birds have 35% to cleanse if any bird heals)


    A set for Bomb:
    Set Bonus:This Way!(all birds have 30% chance to deal critical strike)


    Make this set for Red:
    Odin Halberd (Hokus Pokus)
    Odin Shield (Perfect Balance)
    set bonus: other enemies will receive 50% damage based on primary target plus dispel

    King Chuck

    Set for Chuck:
    Weapon : Skeleton Hand(Hokus Pokus)
    Of-Hand: Dark Book(Might)
    Efect: At every 3 turns a bird will become a zombie and will have the passive effect “Undead”. All undead enemies will be destroyed. A bird can be zombie multiple times.
    Headgear for Chuck
    Voodoo Wizard
    Just live: Deal X damage to all enemies all “Undead” enemies are distroyed.
    Living Dead: All birds get negative health. Can’t be distroyed.

    A set that I always wait to share but can’t
    A Set For RED:

    weapon:Dark Knights Sword
    of-hand:Dark Knights Dark Shield(Dispell)
    Efect:Every helpful ability for birds increase by 60% but every helpful ability for enemy reduce by 60%


    Can only think of set effects right now, not actual weapons.

    * Red: Mighty Blow – 20% chance to immediately blast the target foe out of the battle field. That foe will not take damage, make an action, or heal for a turn, and will return the next turn. Charge or counter moves pause for a turn.
    * Chuck: Haunting Mirror – 15% chance to inflict Haunt on a target foe for 3 turns. Whenever an ally attacks that foe, a mirror image of that ally also attacks with 50% power.
    * Matilda: Healing Egg – 15% chance to summon an egg after an attack. The egg’s health is based on Matilda’s level at a rank 1 class. If the egg is not KO’d after 3 turns, it hatches, cleansing and healing all allies to full health, then breaks. Only one egg can be active at a time.
    * Matilda: Holy Expulsion – after an attack, there is a 33% chance to cleanse all allies. For each ally cleansed of negative effects, a random foe takes 140% damage.
    * Bomb: Cannon Fire – 20% chance to summon a cannon after an attack. The cannon’s health is based on Bomb’s level at a rank 1 class. If the cannon is not KO’d after 3 turns, it launches cannon fire at the enemy team, dealing 100% damage to all foes, then breaks. Only one cannon can be active at a time.
    * Bomb: Parting Wish – 45% chance to put Parting Wish on a target foe. If that foe is KO’d within 1 turn, Parting Wish deals 50% damage to all other foes.
    * Blues: Shroud – same as banner, but all allies get it and only 10% dodge
    * Blues: Split Up – when Blues attack, there is a 10% chance that Blues will instead attack three times targeting random foes. These three attacks will only have 33% power.


    Set items for Bomb:

    Captain’s Orders
    Weapon: Captain’s Cutlass (15% chance for +50% damage)
    Off-Hand: Captain’s Logbook (taken damage decreased by 8%)
    Effect: In addition to attack power, Whip Up gives the target an additional 10% critical chance, stacking with any chance the ally already has from their weapon.


    EDIT 1: Ooh, set items for Chuck:
    Madman’s Rage
    Weapon: Stick of Madness (15% chance for +50% damage)
    Off-Hand: The Book of Fury (attack power increased by 5%)
    Effect: The Rage Chili is filled by any attacks launched by Speed of Light.

    set for the blues:

    Weapon: slingshot <Might>

    Shield: Slimeball <Gummy: 25% chance to stop immune power from enemy>

    Efect:<Prank> Enemies helpful effects weaken by 75%

    Efect-Arena: Enemies Efects go down by 75%; Might, hocus pokus, Dispelled and more…

    Sir Falcon

    Titan’s Scythe + Titan’s Shield
    = Strike of the Titan
    30% Chance to push all enemies backwards. Each pushed enemy’s HP is immediately reduced by 20%

    Rage of the Wizard + Wizard’s Spell
    = Force of the Light
    50% chance to cause Chuck to attack 5 times instead of the normal 1, with each attack dealing half of normal and to a random enemy (I’m looking at you, Wizard and Illusionist)


    Cleansing Wrath + Cleansing Shield
    = Cleansing Force
    50% chance that Red removes helpful effects from all enemies

    Mirror Wand + Mirror Orb
    Enemies who attacks Chuck recieves 50% of hs dealt damage as damage.


    Weapon – Mountain Dew (Hocus Pocus)
    Shield – Doritos (Might)
    Set Bonus: MLG Pro – adds special effects upon attacking/healing/avoiding damage/KOing enemies etc, gives red a 25% chacne to dodge a hit MLG style and Battle music changes to ones used in MLG montages (for example: Turn Down for What).

    Class – ILLUMINATI
    Attack: ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!1!one – Deals 3x3x3X damage, while something in the background shouts “ILLUMINATI!!!”.
    Support: INCEPTION – Teleport everyone on the field to a field in a field in a field. Increase attack power of target by 27%, restore all birds’ health by 2X and decrease enemies’ attack & defense by 333%.


    Magic Sword: 15% to spawn a magic sword after attack. If the sword is not knocked out after 3 turns, it attacks, dealing 200% AD to random enemy and spreads 55% of the damage to all other enemies.


    Mastery Potion:
    Increases Mastery by 1 rank for 5 battles. Can be crafted and only be used more than once per battle

    Bird banner item:Victorious Sword, whenver the birds are attacked the banner heals by 50% of the birds dammage.


    Poison Bomb: 25% to summon a poison bomb after attacking. If it is not KO after 3 turns, it launches himself, dealing 125% AD to random target. That target and all other enemies also take 200% AD for 5 turns.


    Supernova: 20% chance to summon a star when supporting. If it is not KO for 3 turns, it explodes, dealing 500% AD to all enemies.
    Disorder: 25% chance that Bomb removes charge counter when attacking.
    Matilda’s true power: If birds are below 20% health, there’s a 20% chance that Matilda uses her rage ability instantly and heal by 70%.


    @gemek Detailed and corrected the set for you:
    MLG Pro- This set adds special effects upon attack and support such as:
    R3KT PIG- 10% chance to instantly KO the target.
    Illuminati Effect- 15% chance to reverse the damage caused by the attacker or won’t take damage.
    Smoke Weed Everyday- Increases the attack power by 35%
    Don’t touch me- Every shield casted by birds has additional 10% chance for stunning the attackers. Stunned targets get 75% AD during their turn.
    Mountain Dew Effect- Birds have a 35% chance to be immune to harmful effects.
    Doritos Effect- Rage Chili fills 50% faster.
    GET NOSCOPED!!!- When Bomb has a gun as a weapon, it has 35% chance to deal critical damage to the target pig. Ignores “Dodge” or “Ironclad” passive abilities.
    Spooky Scary Skeletons- When Matilda has Witch class, her attack has 20% bonus AD along with Sinister Smite.
    MLG Sounds- Adds special effects upon attacking or hurting enemies during their turn.
    MLG Song- This switch battlefield’s soundtrack to MLG songs.


    Weapon- Guardian’s Blade
    Shield- Guardian’s Wall
    Set Bonus- Fortify- Adds special effects such as:
    Grand Protection- All allies get 50% less damage
    Overpower- Each hit will reduce the target’s attack power by 35%
    Don’t Give Up!- If birds have only 10% HP left, they cannot be hit anymore.
    Guardian’s True Power- If birds are under 25% HP, Guardian gets the attacks instead of the target bird.
    Restoring Order- All birds are healed by 50% of the dealt damage.

    Picture with the set I invented

    Bloodthirster: 10% chance that the birds when attacking, they are implanting a negative effect that reduces target’s defense by 65%.


    Class: Lightning Ambassador (Chuck)

    Lightning Opinion: Deals 125% AD. All targets take +25% damage for 3 turns.
    Lightning Help: Target bird has a 35% chance to stun the target enemy for 1 turn.

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