lvl 395 literally impossible !!

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  • Is their a glitch ?! I’ve “completed” the level multiple times always ending 3 pigs short to obliterate. They pigs don’t feed up in this level so I’m really thinking this is a glitch and I cant go any further .

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  • Tracy Bailey

    Same thing here. The ballon pigs aren’t there so I can complete the level:(


    Yep, same here too. I have wiped out all stone blocks and the wizard pig and ended up with everything clear but 3 pigs missing. Wasted a number of boosts to see if new pigs would appear but nada! Totally stuck now at this frickin’ level ?


    Also got the same problem – completed it multiple times, always left with three pigs short.

    Tatsuru Matsunaga

    Same here. There doesn’t seem to be enough green blast pigs to account for 20 of them. I’m missing the last three of them.

    Austin Baker

    The problem is that the sleeping pig is turning balloon pigs into rockets and wiping them off the board but not counting them as popped. So you basically have to destroy the stone blocks and destroy most of the pigs before you can pop any blues.

    If you have 2 vertical rockets you can use those on the pigs first and sort of cheat your way through.

    I think it is a glitch. Pigs shouldn’t turn into rockets and bombs.


    Thank you Austin! I’ve now managed to complete the level :)

    Suzieth Taylor

    This is craziness… please fix level 395

    Jennifer O’Neil

    I thought this was a glitch too and contacted customer support. But I kept playing trying to “cheat” my way through. All of a sudden I completed the level. I concentrated on the right hand side and getting the balloons away from the sleeper pig, barely touched the left hand side of the board, and all of a sudden the right hand side was filled with pig balloons and when I won there was even a box left in the upper left corner. Weird but it worked. Good luck all.

    Michelle Gietl

    I am in the same boat as everyone else. I’ve wasted a lot of time and boosters thinking it was me. I hope they get it fixed soon.


    I logged this as a support case over the weekend and this morning got confirmation it has been fixed. It is now dead easy to get past this level.

    My real anger is with Rovio’s screw you attitude. I wasted all my rockets, most crowns and coins before giving up on this level and Rovio refuse to compensate or give back those powerups. I think this is unfair. I have wasted them all up on a level that could not, at that time be done!

    It is a sign of how petty they are becoming. They have all but killed off fight without actually closing it and now they do things like this. It just sucks.

    Very annoyed with them :(


    Hey thanks for the info on level 395. Does anyone have any tips for level 396?


    Me too. Have spent a week nearly on 396 but failed all time. Perhaps Rocio want us to spend real money?
    It has cost me being able to do half of current tournament ending in 2 days

Home Forums Angry Birds Blast Forum lvl 395 literally impossible !!

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