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  • Hey guys would you please help?

    Last week our leader made a mistake of promoting an evil kid bc he looked very active. Then he kicked more than half of our members (we got full 50) n left. Now there were only 16 members left n we dont know how to recruit more members.

    Our clan name is Fury #1343. We used to have many member requests every day, but now we have been receiving nothing. What should we do? Thanks before.

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  • Vogel Birdson

    Maybe you should simply consider leaving this clan and creating your own, or joining forces with another.

    Bring  your existing members with you and begin afresh without this player who has been kicking everyone.


    I advice you to leave this desastrous led clan. Does your leader not talk to you?


    Tom Stargel

    New Clan Breaking Beaks #113169. You should come check us out. Two guys from a failing Clan that had 50 players and only 10 would participate in Clan battles. We got a little sick of losing. The leader wouldn’t step down and wouldn’t promote anybody even to co-lead. Myself and my partner have decided that we are going to build a strong Clan from the ground up. Our leader is a level 112 and a very active daily player our co lead is a level 52 and also a very active daily player. We only need three to five players to get this thing going. We could really use another good co-lead to help with proper management.  Let me know what you think.

    Toaster Oven

    Vogel Birdson,

    We have started a new clan Breaking Beaks #113169. Slappy Hawk and I were part of the Sea Hawks. We scored very high in the clan battles and I had the highest score in the battles numerous times. The problem was the clan had very low member  participation in the clan battles so we lost week after week. The leader and co-leader did nothing about non-players and some weeks they did not take part in the clan events. The goal for Breaking Beaks is to have members that take part in clan event so all of the members can reap the rewards. We welcome players of all power levels, not just high power levels. We will all move up over time. If you and your clan members want to be part of a clan the will be a serious contender please join us.

    My Star Rank is 124 My Flock Power is 419 Slappy Hawks Star Power is 53 Flock Power 147


    Toaster Oven


    Hi there

    redneckbirds will love to see you onboard.

    we always go 100% in events

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Lost a lot of members :(

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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