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  • I’m really annoyed this morning………,.

    My score at the end of last week was 667 but this week is 14 points lower.
    At this rate I’ll soon be in GOLD again. Once we have earned our points surely is not fair of Rovio to remove them because we were in Leagues with high scoring cheaters and hacks.

    I’m happy not to progress if my rating is low but IMO its petty and the punitive measures by Rovio of taking points away is unfair. I do not subscribe to games where punitive measures are taken against me, I’m not going to put up with this……….what do you think?

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  • dmsral

    They seem to be using a football (soccer) league model where you can move up or down between leagues depending on your relative performance. BTW, there are little green arrows for people at the top of the standing who will move up if they maintain that spot (or move up), and little red arrows for people at the bottom who will drop down if they don’t net a few more points to move up a few spaces. I play a bit at the beginning of the week and then I’ll check my standing on Sunday. If I’m not happy with it, I’ll work on moving up a few notches. Slowly working my way to Diamond.

    Dixi 60

    My problem with this system is that in order to get to Diamond One I spent money on coins which became power-ups – the fact is I paid for my points. Once you pay for so etching it should be yours for life.

    I believe the demoting and taking points away from players is tantamount to theft.
    Some players can’t play daily or even weekly so does that give Rovio the right to take what they have bought and earned away. I don’t think so.

    It’s not difficult to decide to stop playing and lining Rovio’s pockets with this sort of loyalty from them. I spent a load of PU’s and still couldn’t get higher in my league than 25th. My partner, with a similar score was placed 8th and suffered no loss.

    I have old Rovio I want my money back!


    You placed 25th in a random grouping of Diamond level players, and dropped 14 points, which is still 67 points above the floor for the Diamond league and somehow you believe you are entitled to your money back? You have not lost anything! So you spent real world money on power ups in a game with no real world value, chalk it up to entertainment value and move on with a lesson learned. They are not going to take away that fancy slingshot you earned.

    Dixi 60

    I know what’s right and wrong!

    You obviously work for Rovio. Rovio will change or lose clients.


    I’ve been in Diamond League for at least 5 weeks, gaining some points 1 week, and losing the following week!! Sooner or later, we all will advance!! Hint, check your standing in the league, and if high enough, go at the levels to increase score over time. If done quickly, the players in your league change, and usually your ranking becomes lower.


    I have a 409 League Rating. I am in Silver League. I am pretty surprised at being in Silver League because I don’t use Power-Ups. With a first place finish (green arrow), I advance to Gold League. With a 30th or less finish (red arrows), I get demoted to Bronze League (again). I get to keep my coins, my Power-Ups, and my friends. Oh, And my cash. Fling hard and often.

    Dixi 60

    You don’t have to buy power ups – you can be gifted them by your friends for free.
    Search about on ABN and follow Makin Bakin’s advice. It takes a bit of time to organise getting into the right company of daily gifters.

    At the beginning of the week I play without PU’s to see how far I can go. My friends gradually overtake me. Every night at midnight zi gift my friends and save my gifts for the days I go for the big scores.

    I don’t care much if my ABF’s overtake me because they contribute to my PU stash. I do however get very annoyed about League players playing unfairly. I’m not a bad player – usually come middle to tope third on ABN Leaderboard – which I use as a guide to obtainable scores.

    Rovio, however, imo are not pkaying fair by deducting points for poor performance on the League leaderboards. Rovio are aware of hacks and didgy software and also aware that legal players paid for or were gifted PU’s legally and therefore the pounts have been “bought.” There are gaming companies, King, for instance who leave a clients progress and “items bought” intact on their accounts even if the client does not pkay. I left King’s Candy Crush for over a year and returned to the exact place I last played. Rovio should do likewise and Rovio should be very careful about discouraging or annoying clients by using punitive measures – removing points for instance and demoting them downwards. Clients vote with their feet and although there appears to be little support or agreement with how I feel I know there are a great number of silent clients who just slide off the radar without saying a thing.

    Rovio will only realise what happened when they lose market share and they feel a pain in their pocket or bank account.


    You don’t get demoted if you don’t touch it. If you get any score at all, you have to commit for the week, or they will demote you. But if you don’t play at all, you won’t be penalized.

    Dixi 60

    What kind of logic is that?

    I play with my friends and as far as I know there is no way to opt out of Rovio League – where all the “high scorers” seem to be on my list every week. In my friends I get to between 6th – 11th on League I’m on thirtieth place mostly.

    I’m not a bad player, more middle of he road.


    I’m struggling…
    Instead of gaining EXP, I’m losing them instead…
    How can I get extra coins?

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