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  • So before the update I had like 7 pages of friends and several were lvl 999999. Since the update I only have 3 pages. Anyone else lose friends?

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  • Angry Johnny

    Yes, everybody is in the same boat (not counting the level 999999 friends which I don’t think many people have ever had).
    Rovio have limited the friendslist to less than 3 full pages now.

    I suggest you ask their support on why they have done it because nobody here can give you an answer.


    Level cap is 45. Who have more, is chitter and must be banned from gane


    Has anyone who lost friends due to the new limit been able to get them back? Does anyone know what you have to do to clear out a space in the 2.5 pages of friends that seems to be the limit? Do you have to unfriend people on FB?


    Im officially totally disgusted with the new limit of 25. I tried deleting 2 Epic friends from FB (yes, that worked), but Epic immediately filled the spots with 2 other FB friends. I was hoping to be able to add a friend whose birds I use frequently, but no such luck.
    It appears that the only way you can get your top 25 Epic friends is to unfriend everyone else on FB. Disgusting!


    Major disappointment – had many pages of friends – no easy way to choose who gets to stay and who will go.


    @gulgor0 — Answered you here; probably more appropriate.
    Maybe, but not sure how well it is working. I’m level 45 with all classes at rank 10 and lots of level 45 sets. I used to have about 2 pages of friends with similar stats. Now, of the 25 allowed Epic friends, this is the distribution of levels:
    11 at level 45
    4 at level 41
    1 @ 40
    1 @ 39
    1 @ 38
    1 @ 37
    2 @ 36
    1 @ 35
    1 @ 33
    1 @ 32
    1 @ 30
    I unfriended at 2 lower level players in the hope that I would be able to replace them with a friend whose birds I frequently use. That didn’t work, since Rovio immediately filled their spots with another 2 lower level players.
    So nearly 60% of my board is composed of players at level 41 or lower.
    If a low-level player who used to be on my friends list doesn’t have more than 25 friends, I will still be on their friends list, and they will still be able to use my birds.
    Would be interesting to know what the distribution of remaining friends is for a low-level player that had significantly more than 25 friends before the update.


    @mvnla2 That still worked along with Rovio’s plan. Before the update, probably many players had players with extremely low ranks or even players who didn’t even play the game anymore. Now, many of these players got “kicked” out of the friend list mostly because Rovio doesn’t want newcomers to utilize high ranked birds to get freely through every Chronicle Cave level.


    @gulgor0 — I suppose so. I won’t be adding any more low-ranked players until Rovio increases the number of allowed friends. Too bad, because when I first started the caves, it wasn’t exactly a free ride even with some really high-ranked friends compared to me.

    Angry Johnny

    Rovio tweeted this a few hours ago:

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Lose Friends

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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