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  • I’m currently at level 81 and really struggling on the third level of the winter event and doubt I am going to be able to complete it. Most of my gear is 2* and around level 76-78. What am I doing wrong? Do high level battles require continuously consuming cakes?

    I just am at a point I can not out heal the barrage of attacks. I feel like there is something I have to be missing about this game…

    Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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  • Seb

    Check the mastery of each of your birds. Maybe their levels are too low.

    You can try Paladin, Rain Bird and Bard. You attack all the time with the Paladin to heal, attack one time with the rain bird and heal two times.

    Coach MP

    Hey Rusty, I’ve been in that same spot.  My story (probably different than yours) was, I had uninstalled epic for a while, then reinstalled it.  When I came back there had been a few updates and my “old-powerful” birds were now less that strong.  It took some time to get them back up to speed, but with some hard work you can make it.

    I would suggest, grinding snoutlings from mouthpool, i like to use chuck’s wizzard and Bomb’s cannooneer with the gold gun set items for increased snoutling output.  Use these snoutlings to purchase potions.  2 rage chilis per wave for your attacks should help out alot!

    What are your strongest and favorite birds/classes?  As Seb said, I do like Paladin and Rain Bird, but I’ve been using Spies a whole bunch this event.  My favorite birds are Chuck (rainbird/wizzard) and Blues (trickster, rouge, spies.)


    With time and lots of cash (BAD IDEA!) you can get those birds back up to a reasonable level!

    Coach MP

    For a point of reference Rusty, my bird stats:

    Elite Rainbird: Power 1052, attack 3765, health 8875, mastery 83, set item twin lighting level 82 enchanted to 10 offhand item ancient Vitality Enchanted to 10.

    Elite Paladin: Power 1002, attack 1766, health 11421, master 76, set item Dragon Breathe level 82 E9, E7.

    Elite Spies: Power 1080, attack 4195, health 7363, mastery 78, set item Beep attack level 82 E9, E7.

    What level are your birds?

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Looking for some pointers on event

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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