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  • For days u couldn’t find a clan and I wanted to join a clan for fun activities (?)my profile.are there any clan with room I can join?

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    If you’re still looking, the SLAYER clan just got rid of dead weight, new recruits joining. If you play, you’re more than welcomed. ID# 7974. Every clan has dead weight. We want members who will simply play at least their free plays. Flock power is irrelevant. If you have a clan and not happy, feel free to join ours. We’re currently giving a few dead weight members, (2 or 3 at most), more chance after new years to contribute, if not, they’re getting kicked faster than they can say those words. (Only because they haven’t played in a long time. so just a little more fine tuning possibly).

    So join the SLAYER. ID 7974. Yes…named after the world’s favorite speed metal band. Wish we could use their logo as a shield icon 😎.

    So feel free to join, that goes for anyone who’s looking and does play every free play at least when possible. We want new recruits who will contribute and communicate with each other. If that’s anyone who read this, JOIN US !!!



    We are looking for players to join our Angry Birds Clan!

    Our Clan is Open and free to join!

    Join our Clan – Angry People

    Clan # 15529

    Currently have 19/50 Players

    Higher ranks and active players receive co-leader status!

    Please join and help us kick some battles butts!

    Angry People

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Looking for a clan

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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