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  • Usually I get advertisements between 25~30 seconds. Now I’m noticing the increase of longer ads, with one minute long.

    When I choose to watch an ad (to heal, double incoming, whatever) sometimes I get those long ones, and I have to wait the full video. The “X” button to close the ad appears at the top right of the screen after 30 secs, but if i close the video, I lose the reward.

    Anyone else is noticing those long ads?

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  • Joel

    I have seen something similar in the US. There is an ad for the new Mario game. The x flashes on the top corner, but this is a trick. There is a second page of ad waiting to kick in, and a second x will appear at the end of the second phase. I have found if I hit the first one, I get nothing. I have to wait for the scond one


    Up till now I’ve been spared from this. But for how long? I have a bad feeling about it.


    I’m getting long ads, too.


    @ramonpontes There’s no way to fix this,the ads are bigger because new ads have come and it appears randomly for each player.

    Daniel Cho

    Yall are weird. When I press the x after 10 seconds for the mario ad, it’s done. But I don’t think we’re talking about the same one.


    The Mario ads are horrible. They are 30 seconds then a small wait for another 10 seconds.


    You don’t need to wait for the second part. Just hit your back button.



    I’ve done this, but when I do so, the bonus is cancelled. If I hit the exit (X) button, or press the back button, the ad will end, but I receive a message saying that the video was not completed, and I will not receive the reward.


    @ramonpontes Right. If you do that during the video, your reward will be canceled. But when the Mario ad switches to the static image, you can hit the back button before the timer ends.

    Super Pig Popper

    Stop criticizing Super Mario! Super Mario is one of my most favorite game series of all time, and I don’t want someone to rant on my favorite game!


    I have developed a deep seated loathing for all things Nintendo Switch and anything to do with Mario.   May both products fail completely.

    Or am I being too rough?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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