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  • I’m trying to compile a list of all the items from the golden chests. Below is what I know of all the locations. Please feel free to fill in the blanks, as I haven’t gotten all the chests.

    5. Cupid Pig Figurine (Blues)
    9. Mafia Bow Tie (Bomb)
    10. 5 Gems, Ice Pig Figurine (Chuck)
    14. Saiyuki Hat (Red)
    15. 5 Gems, Kabuki Makeup (Matilda)
    18. Cupid Bow (Blues)
    19. Macaroon Tower (Stella), 5 Gems(?)

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  • justpast40

    9 has the SS Mafia Bow Tie, but I can see a small notation near pig that says US so it may be that the SS in other countries is a different item

    It’s good to know I have another 5 Gems on 15

    Edit: that “US” notation isn’t on the Bow Tie which I have on iPhone (these old eyes realy are quite tired) the notation is on my Bomb’s Mafia Hat on iPad;, I got lucky with the 20 Gem Premium Slot since so often the Slot awards duplicates.


    getting the gold chest its just luck or there’s a way to play and win?


    18 have cupid bow for blues

    So far i have every golden chest except for the 2 in level 19


    18 and one of 19’s golds are Stella’s SS accessory Macaron Tower, and Blue’s SS weapon Cupid Bow. The other gold of 19 should be 5 gems but I am having trouble getting it to drop.


    Might not be the best place, but… do the wooden chests regenerate? I’ve just got two of them on Floor 5, even though I got one earlier and the prize list was mentioning only ONE wooden chest.


    I don’t think they regenerate, My son have redone lvl1 to 5 on my phone multiple times because he like to play with my account and he didn’t get anything.

    I’ve done lvl15 at least 20 times now and never seen a golden chest…


    @gulgor0 The chests don’t regenerate, but there can be more than one chest of one type in any floor. If you get 2 chests of one type in a floor with 3, it will say that there will be 1 chest left.


    @troisdsmax, I play on iPhone & iPad & it seemed to take forever to get the Level 15 Golden chest accessory on iPad wheras on iPhone I got the Gold chest fairly quickly. I think I replayed on & off on iPad for a few days …. not kidding when I said forever. I’d had so much trouble passing 18 on either device that I decided to replay for all Gold chests before trying 18 again, so I just kept replaying until I found it.

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