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  • After the last couple of updates, every now and then I encounter some kind of sign levitating a little bit over the track. It is two-fold with the left side showing some bird/racer on it and the right side being blank. Are we supposed to do something with this object? I tried to hit it, pass under it but I didn’t see anything happening.

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  • FixItDik

    Any chance you can take a screen shot to show us what you mean? I haven’t seen anything like you describe but that could just be my tunnel vision :)


    I’m sorry it’s all blurry but I find it hard to take a screenshot at full game speed without missing the crucial frame. I hope you get the idea…
    BTW I’m using the android version


    I think these are you facebook friends icons.


    As @abgoria said, these are the icons of your FB friends on the left and on the right it usually says something like “crashed” and then the bottom part usually has some sort of number, perhaps the distance they jumped prior to the crash. I have no idea what they are for or why they are there. If you try to hit these, absolutely nothing happens. The only interesting thing I have found about them is that if you are doing a challenge that says “Avoid xxx objects”, if you pass by these strange things, it will count as an object that you have avoided :)


    Thank you all!


    @nearxos. That icon or figure you are seeing for a while it’s : only to : Descrive . This ..!! Speed and mileage your opponent has on that specific ; challenge : the opponent it’s or yours Facebook. Friends or Chuck . Or even Red Bird …!! If you don’t have a friends on Facebook . Suppost to be connected on Facebook . I thing you need to be more Familiar with this Game …!!!
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    You’ll found out a lot Info. From our Racers.!!

Home Forums Angry Birds GO! Forum Kinda strange sign/object in a race

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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