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  • D/Led the game today ran through the tutorial. Now noing on the map nothing to do in the town says I have to lvl up my birds to go on. But when I go to the lvl up house says continue the story. How do I do that when there is nothing to do or any where to go? I have clicked everything, and have 3 birds already.

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  • Dallasreds

    When you go to the map there should be a position on the path  lit up. Go there and follow the trail to the next level. Hope this helps.


    I’ve played for 2 days – I recommend you just delete the game. The gameplay is fun but you get stuck at too low of a level and cant upgrade your birds so you can’t progress. Also, arena is comical – im silver 2 and constantly get matched with players 20+ levels higher with 5* birds. All they want is your money which is clear after playing for a few days.


    Just curious. Are you still playing or was the game really that much of a cash grab? I figured these f2p games are very open about designing games around having people pay. Hence, the model of having you wait, limiting your access to certain content, etc.

    Epic Buttstomp

    I haven’t paid a dime yet since I started playing 2 weeks ago. Rovio won’t get my $$ easily given I have spent enough time in AB2 (last 2 yrs) and experienced the ever changing runaway inflation in AB2.


    You just have to grind for stuff as opposed to pay your way through.

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