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  • After about a week (50 or so attempts) of trying to get past Room 2980, I finally did it today with a bit of help from the mercy rule and a lot of luck.

    I finally killed the Boss Pig and, just as it came up with the bandage around its head – the app crashed.

    I rebooted my Tablet and, surprise surprise, I’m back at the start of Room 2980.

    So sayonara AB2 – that’s enough for me.

    It’s bad enough that the game has turned into an enormous cash-grab, but to treat players with such disrespect by providing an unstable and, dare I say it, cheating platform it’s time I turned my attention elsewhere.

    I’ve never minded paying a few dollars to play the game to keep it profitable for Rovio, but their apparent contempt for their players is truly breathtaking.

    I’ll continue to check in on this forum from time-to-time and, in fact, I’d love to know if anyone has had similar experiences but, as for playing the game and spending money, that ain’t gonna happen no more.


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