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  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>the jungle run is a rip-off gem vacuum. Does anybody know how to get past the walking mortar towers in the third or above area of the run? Have Devastator and Mighty Eagle as Superion both at level 15, promotion level 150%+ and I have to spend 50-60+ gems everyday just to try and stay in top 10. Have never reached end of challenge run. I am expert level player. Please help, any ideas. Rovio support is no support and won’t even respond to inquiries</p>

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    EMP them to the ground, don’t let them up. Once they are scrolled past the left side of the screen they’re no longer a nuisance


    The end of a Challenge run is when your TF runs out of hearts i.e. Astrotrain will never come to collect wait for your TF


    My best Challenge run – no recharges and score before promotion.

    A Challenge run extraordinary


    congrats grim… this week no prizes for me… some stupid bug, i’m in the gold league but at the end it crash and when restart just pass to ice league and no prizes anywhere :(


    Unlocked this during the week and it’s very frustrating I have to say.

    Aside from the numbers of gems needed to be competitive in the daily table, there’s several bugs from my perspective that make it harder again..

    –  pigs can shoot through walls and other objects to cause damage when you can’t fire in return

    –  the number of health crates in the safe areas is random and often directly in your path which the combiner may or may not take out with a ground pound

    – most annoyingly, the game will randomly zoom in so you can’t even see the flying pigs that are taking shots at your combiner – again a problem even without this added complication at times


    To be honest though I’m increasingly noticing a balance issue in the game where competitions are filled with fully upgraded and prompted characters at the top, leaving those of us who don’t have the hours to put in every day or the funds to buy seemingly endless upgrades at a significant disadvantage. I have also seen YouTube videos of guys with ridiculous numbers of resources so I wonder if there’s a hacking element too.

    I think that a matching system is badly needed at this stage to keep it relatively level in each event.


    There is no shortage of cheaters playing with near infinite resources. If I had my way there would be the three runs and may the best combatant win.

    @kaisermcg. You don’t like the zoomed in myopic view? Dude you are gonna hate the “Night Mission Challenge” with pitch blackness and blind firing 🤪


    Would take back 3500 gems wasted on jungle challenge if possible. Tried but of course Rovio won’t respond. Run a gem sucking, boring, cheating waste of time and money. Costs between at least 40-60+ gems daily to advanced, 280-420+ gems weekly to reach purple/max egg level and maybe win 170-220 gems along with 9 other mostly worthless prizes. Do the math it is a rip-off gem vacuum. Note! I have devestator and eagle characters both at level 15 with red level promotions.


    This week I have used 10 gems and I’m currently in Silver league. And I do only 2–3 Challenge runs each day.

    The 3,500 gems to unlock the Challenge run gives you also the jungle area which is very helpful in spark runs to reach full daily sparks.



    The jungle challenge run is not needed to complete the daily challenge and receive daily sparks as long as you complete the other 7 items.
    As to using only 10 gems to reach silver level, we must consider what the specifics of your character/characters used in the jungle challenge run are.
    1.Which character. 2. What level of upgrade. 3. What percentage/color of promotion and to what level are your weapons and defenses upgraded to (as it directly effects how well your character performs and survives). 4. The exact number of gems used daily and total weekly, and to reach what level? (including the gems used to recharge your character when he is killed during the run). 5. Does your EMP work to stun the walking mortar towers so you can concentrate on destroying the other pigs and weapons used against you( mine does not even though I have them on both of my characters in the jungle challenge run). Most importantly when I reach the area after the third safe area my weapons and defense have virtually no effect. I have pigs entering the safe area and causing severe damage and are difficult to destroy, also they are shooting through floors and walls without being detectable or destroyable( how is that fair or challenging).
    As I stated before my devastator and Superion characters are level 15 with 135-150% promotion and all available accessories varying from 10-60%. I believe it is the low level of accessorie/weapons/defense percentage that is effecting my characters performance the most. I am an experienced player and perform extremely well in all aspects of angry birds transformers but am unable to reach the end of the jungle challenge run as of yet. Because I refuse to spend more than 10+20 gems to recharge life during each individual attempted run and have only made it to the area just past the fourth safe area before being destroyed.
    I stand by my statement that the jungle challenge run is a gem ripoff when you consider the total gem cost in purchase, upgrades, restoring life’s, and more, and then comparing that against the rewards/prizes you receive at the end of the challenge, regardless of the level reached. Cost versus reward.
    My reason for posting is to try and get specific technical information that will help me figure out why my EMP does not work and why the other issues I mentioned above are keeping me from fairly competing in the jungle challenge run.



    1) Superion
    2) Level 17 (36% overpower)
    3a) Red crown (150%)
    3b) Superion has all accessory slot filled, all are less than or equal to 20%
    4) As stated, I have used total of 10 gems to reach Silver league. Also as stated, I have used 2–3 runs daily.
    5) Superion has EMP accessory and it always stuns WMTs and pigs and destroys other targets. It doesn’t destroy WMTs after third area but pigs are usually destroyed because they hit the ground.

    I never recharge more than once during the run and usually only in one run per day. I recharge to get 3 more run once or twice per week.

    In my ABT game rocks are also quite porous i.e. pigs can get through them and can be buried quite deep. EMP accessory is a must and Autobirds with its 15% weapon cooldown effect is probably also a must.

    My Devastator (with almost the same specs) is quite poor and can’t survive past third area.

    Yes, 3,500 gems for the Challenge run is a steep price but as I said before it also opened the Jungle area which is quite helpful in spark runs so I don’t complain too much.


    2 levels overpower to level 17 plus a working EMP. Those are likely the reasons for your success in progress in the jungle challenge run. How much did it cost you in total to get from level 15 to 17, including gem purchases? Red crown helps a lot but also costs a lot to reach that level of promotion.
    Three free runs daily. Then 10,20,40….. gems for each additional set of three runs. Recharging once during the run cost 10 gems. You stated you recharge usually no more than once in one run a day that multiplied by seven days equals 70 gems. Recharging once to twice a week to get more runs equals at least 20 gems. If this is your conservative estimate and accurate you are using at least 70-90 gems a week just to compete in the jungle challenge run. And if you get destroyed near to entering a safe area sometimes i break my own rule and throw another 10 gems in just to get those extra points. ?What is the best Crate rewards you have received and are they worth the cost (not just in satisfaction but mathematically/monetarily).  I have not seen anything even close unless you reach purple egg/top level, and to reach that level usually cost even more gems.
    I am not trying to be a jerk but am searching for answers as to how to succeed in the jungle challenge run. Also to determine if it is worth it to pursue it by spending gems (and more “) to, overpower Superion and invest more gems to increase weapons and defense items. Giving me your characters info is extremely helpful and I thank you for that, but I believe the most critical problem I have is that my EMP doesn’t work. It used to at one point when I first obtained it at level four or so but stopped when I increased levels to somewhere around level 7-8. It does not work on Devastator or Superion and failed at around the same time. Tried to get answers about it from Rovio support but they no longer respond. Any ideas about the EMP or why Rovio support doesn’t respond would help. Thanks for the response.



    The thing is useless. I decided to run the challenge all week, even though I’ve already gotten purple, and I’ve either won every day or finished top 3. Now, with just a few hours left, the damn thing won’t open…

    No more. I’m done.

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