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  • KerrAvon

    @larry I really think you should drop the cheating league side to this. You will run into trouble with the admins. And the participants may have subsequent issues with Rovio.

    Maybe you should wait to see how the ABE league goes first. If something comes of it, then you could privately organise a cheating league amongst your friends and contacts.

    Angry Johnny

    @larry So in short terms; you want to create a League with players that use an exploit that Rovio is strongly against, making ABN affiliated with such League even though the admins has said that this site is against all forms of cheating in Angry Birds and then even want @amslimfordy that has worked hard to remove all forms of spreading exploit info to join that cause?

    Do you see the problems with all this?

    @kerravon, @jorge-freeman-1, @bubbley, would you mind letting us know your level and expected league?

    @kerravon,@angryjohnny, no i do not want it. All I am saying is that there may be people who would like to play using objectives resets without being bothered. I’m not joining such a league since I simply don’t have the time to play many objective sets in a day.

    Anyway, I appreciate the point about ABN being affiliated with any type of cheating, so I would agree with the suggestion to drop that league.

    , agree?

    First post is updated. Feel free to comment, add stuff or bring in silly stuff. Let the participants come in!


    @larry ~ I’m level 41 and expect to be in Platinum league next week.

    ~ GMT+0 is my timezone so the proposed starting moment is very good to me. Thanks!


    @larry I am level 41, stone league but hopeful of being in silver league. And my timezone is Melbourne, Australia (local start time 9 am)


    @larry I am level 41 gold league where I could stay with luck only. I don’t have time to grind this week. I don’t want to cheat in any way. You already know that I don’t understand how these games work so I can only be guided. I am just not sure whether manipulating in this way is cheating.

    I am interested in all players views on this.

    @bubbley, If this works out, it has nothing at all to do with cheating, just fair play the way Rovio designed this. Nobody gets off any worse because of this and we’re all playing the same game.


    Count me in. Lvl 41, gold league next week (unless a miracle will happen and Rovio bans cheaters)


    @angryjohnny, @larry, I believe the point was that this league would not be for cheaters and that if you wish to use your cheat to please to it the following day so as not to disrupt the league of non cheaters. I do not propose we track stats from that league nor was I insinuating that we explain how to participate. Perhaps I spoke to quickly about the cheaters league in my excitement about this whole prospect and I gladly withdraw my statement about the 49 hour one. (although unofficially, if you are going to cheat, please do not sign up during the day we propose, work something out among yourselves)

    I have updated my original post to remove that particular wording.


    I am willing to give it a shot as well. I am level 41 and will either be in the gold or platinum league. Right now in a fierce five way battle for third place in my league.

    @mvnla2, you think you will make it to stone this week or are you behind too many high scorers?


    @larry, in addition to entering me in the level 41 league I need to add my name to 2 others. Yes I have 3 games going.

    level 41 for platinum (guaranteed, as I’m in it alone now)
    level 36 for platinum (possibly, it will be close)
    level 7 for silver league (most likely)

    level 36 is my daughter and level 7 is me starting over for being fed up with cheaters. Level 7 actually seems harder because half the objectives can not be met for lack of proper head gear. Would be nice if the objectives were actually achievable since it is random and so others may get a set that is doable. It all comes down to random chance if I will advance or not.


    @larry @all — Very little chance that I will make it out of wood league this week, but I am willing to participate in the experiment. I am level 41.
    My suggestion is that anyone who want to play in the wood league start no earlier than Wed after the new daily objective come out. This is because when I started on Tues, I had a full league with lots of competitive players, thus there would be little chance for an ABN league.
    What day and time does the new week start in California? I’m not sure if you think I should not click on the arena banner at all from the time the week starts until I want to join a league.

    Is that it? Nobody else joining? I think it would be good trying to get some more people to join the experiment…


    I still don’t get it. Could someone give me the Cliff Notes version?

    We’re trying out a theory to get some people in the same league by starting the arena late. It seems a real possibility that the setup of the arena takes into account when you actually start playing your arena. We’ll be starting the arena a day later which may result in a clean league which fills up with people who are starting in the same period.
    This way we want to try and get a bunch of ABN people in the same league.

    Read up about it in the first couple of posts of @steven-dunn-5648 as well. He figured this out and we’re doing this as an experiment to see if it works as expected. If it does, we could keep on doing this with ABN members on a regular basis.

    In short, the result could be that we get a league with only ABN people who are doing the same thing. Therefore, no cheaters and we can contact each other for some taunts and compliments… :)

    Green Whacker


    Would love to join but that timeslot is at 4pm CST and I’ll be tied up at that hour… I can try my best to see if I can make it.

    Player name “Whome”
    Level 41
    currently in first on stone.. barring any achievements that I can not complete as it is very close in top 4


    @larry — I will try but my join time is usually totally dependent on whatever else is going on in the afternoon on Sunday. This would be 1700 on Monday for me, Square in the middle of family time. I usually only have time to play in the morning when I get up while I have my coffee IE 0400 – 0430. Looks like I will be in gold again this week.

    @dragonofheart73, @tigerussell, You’re level 41? Great to hear you’re trying to make it as well. It’s no problem for the experiment if you were to start a few hours later. That way we can see if you’re joined in the same league or not. If it works at all, it would help determine if the boards are assigned by the hour or by the day.


    I have a simple question. If I claim my rewards at the end does that put me in the leaderboard? I want to try to wait a day or 2 before I join but I don’t know if claiming my rewards will trigger it.

    We expect that claiming your rewards will put you into a new league immediately. Therefore it would be essential to wait with claiming it. It does not matter though since the reward will be there either way, you just get it one day later.


    @dragonofheart73, @tigerussell, @partshade – It is my observation that claiming rewards is the only trigger for putting you in a new league. It is not necessary to begin a single battle. Thus it will only require that you step out to use the bathroom with enough time to load the game and claim rewards and nothing else. No battle playing will be required until you are actually ready. Also I would suggest that even if you can’t join at that exact time to join as close to that time as you can. The theory goes that you have a window that is as large as it takes to have 15 people in your level and league claim their rewards to be added to the new lineup. In theory, if very few people join you could still join hours later and still make it into the league.

    As @larry mentioned before, the only thing we know for certain is that we don’t know how this will all play out; but we want to give it a try. If you are busy at that time than please add yourself to the experiment by joining later and report on the results. If you don’t get to join our league it is possible that you could end up in your own league alone like I did which isn’t all that bad as a guaranteed advancement. Either way we learn something new.

    @steven-dunn-5648, We are saying that nobody should claim the reward before the determined timeslot, right?

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