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  • This thing is so frustrating, at least to me, every few weeks when it pops up I try yet again to get it to do what I want but to no avail. I have play this in-game-game every time since it was launched wit no success. It seems rather simple, make the bird fly where you want it too by controlling its direction, but mine has a mind of it own.  I play on both my Iphone and my iPad but every time I touch the screen to direct this bird it just continues to fly, not where I’m trying to guide it to but, only straight up or down? Needless to say I am missing something important, no doubt it’s simple and when I finally figure it out I’ll kick myself, but I still can’t get how to control this bird? Does anyone have any advice on how to make that thing go where I want it to? It would greatly be appreciated thanks.

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  • Joe B.

    You pretty much answered it. It only goes straight up or down. Up by tapping and down by letting off. The bird moves forward on its own so you have to time the throttle in order to avoid the walls.

    Sort of reminds me of an old NES game but not sure which…


    Thanks for your reply, that’s what I have been trying to do and just played and tried again with same results, alas I guess I simply suck at this. Sorry I’m not familiar with NES games, AB2 is my first online-Iphone-Ipad-app-game I’ve played, and at this rate will surely be my last. Does tapping speed matter and change things? I have one tapping mode, that’s fast as I in I’m trying in vane as fast as I can to correct the birds direction. Since I am tapping like a mad man, or in my case woman, isn’t working does holding your finger down on the screen do anything, or even slowing down? Or do you simply need to keep moving it? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if it responses even for a brief second to my taps but it’s not even doing that, however  thanks for your advice, I’ll keep at it.


    Android player here. What finally worked for me was a series of of continuous short taps in pretty rapid succession. Once you’re in the middle vertically try to stay straight — that will avoid most of the early obstacles. Forget hitting the apples when starting out. Go for the final reward and you can always replay to chase the apples.

    Leaving a finger down for more than an instant will send the bird too high too fast to recover. (You then have to over correct like idiots who text while driving, but I digress.)



    I use a series of short taps on the far right of the screen to keep the bird in the middle and then you let up or press more to go up and down. You have to be able to see and anticipate what you have to do next. It is hard to explain, but you can’t just press super hard or soft or the hatchling will fly up too fast or dive bomb.

    I think it just comes with practice and I think Rovio should have a free mini training area or something in order to get more practice.

    This run seems to have a lot more narrow parts to it whereas the last one had a lot of severe height changes where you had to go up and down pretty quickly in the same sequence.

    Wish they would change up the setting because the bamboo track is getting kind of boring. :/


    Yeah, that bamboo crap keeps me out of it. Outside of the abuse on my screen because rovio wants me to buy a new device I guess.

    But the shirt taps on right side do work as well as any that I have tried.

    my advice, do not hold or release a tap for very long. Keep them short, the egg spawn in the middle, and anticipate as much as possible.


    I liked the first Jet Pack Run version… straight into action.

    Now you waste like half a minute just flying an area where there’s no risk of going off-screen unless it really is your first time figuring it out.

    Maybe it serves the newcomers, but it’s putting me off after the first couple of runs, once I have a decent score: too much time wasted for a chance to gain a few more feathers.


    By some miracle I placed first and got 750 pearls. Really the key is to stay in the middle and don’t chase the apples.

    Once I had a comfortable position, THEN I went after the apples, not really caring how many times I crashed.

    I’m taking this opportunity to brag because it will never happen again.


    @doulgas, congrats on your win. I was happy to get second place for 4k rainbow feathers to level up my Red. :)


    There was a player with an eastern Euro name that was nearly 2 million points ahead of me, but he disappeared from the screen a day or two before it ended.

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