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  • Has you ever found that suddenly you can’t lock on to targets properly after drag-attacking excessively with Grimlock? I think the ‘touchmap’ gets misaligned then and restarting the app is the only way to fix it. This happened to me several times, and I’m wondering if any other Android and IOS players had their Grimlocks or any other characters “jammed”.


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  • SnTrooper

    I’ve had this happening to me now and then for more than a year and a half. Sometimes it even happens when just scrolling the map or choosing which characters to send on missions. Super annoying.


    This bug is bloody annoying


    Yup had this happen on event nodes as well where buttons become unresponsive and I cannot do anything and thus get killed.


    This issue happens because the Bot after dragging for a time the device will run out of RAM needed to run the game. If you pause it and do a boost sometimes it will come back but if not keep hitting the run button to get out of the way of the falling towers.
    Note:– It is not your devices as this happens to me on a test device I’m doing that has 6Gb RAM, it’s the game sucking up our RAM.


    Hah. I thought it was my Android Samsung Galaxy Note3. No response to certain Buttons like Energicon, call your buddy, confirm buttons.

    Works fine on iOS.

    Same thing jammed bug happens for Angry birds Go!, AB Star Wars and AB Star Wars II.

    Some temporary cures until the next hard restart:
    Pause the game and…
    – Turn off and on
    – Home button then enter ABT again.
    – Pause, wait, unpause. Exercise extreme patience.
    – Hard reset anyway.


    I have the same problem. It’s extremely irritating.

    There are two forms of this bug. The first one is that it causes all actions to require two presses to work, moving the camera around the world map decelerates instantly when you let go of the screen, and it becomes impossible to okay recharging your transformers in the armory.

    The second form of this bug is the bad one. It causes the controls to essentially become random (as in touching the screen corresponds to a random spot). When this happens, you just have to mash your way through a run and hope you can find a spot that will hit the button to advance to the score board once the run is over. Usually I can get this by mashing the screen enough, though lately it seems to be a bit worse. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck though…

    Mighty Dove

    Nope, it does happen on iOS as well. Comes and goes – been this way for months and months. It’s a random bug.

    You can’t activate the call buddy, use your weapon or go driving buttons.


    Got this during a spark run. Started up near the beginning of the second section, right before a row of monoliths. Poor Energon Grimlock didn’t stand a chance. Was able to struggle through to the last section with my other two bots but it was wall to wall WMTs and I didn’t make it.


    @sntrooper I had that fall through the floor thing happen on a desert node today with Dead End. I panicked (paid 100 gems for a bonus) and kept transforming back and forth in hopes of getting him out. After a while, he shot himself out of there and landed in Pig City in car mode. Heh, this game makes Physics sound like a myth.


    I’m having this bug over more than year. It’s the main reason I stay away from e. Grimlock.


    There are two varieties.

    One is when it requires two presses to perform an action. Could be base navigation or targeting.

    Second and worse one is when it requires two simultaneous touches plus an offset. If this happens, try a two finger press about a half inch to the lower right of what you are trying to press.

    In both bug modes, swipe aiming with the grimlocks is impossible.

    I. ALWAYS hard close the app before starting a competition node or a spark run. This resets ram and gives you best chances of it acting normally.

    When you exit the game regularly, it does NOT close out. The game is TSR. All ram remains committed and bug can manifest.

    Hope this helps.


    This bug is not only on the grin’s as I’ve had it on dead end and the prime that fires like the trims.
    I just had it on a 200 spark run on my third got en grim I was lucky I had some hearts left as the last tower before the end fell I was not able to get out of the way and finished with 1/2 a heart lol


    I do the same. I close all applications, and I try to play when there is wifi connection available. When my connection gets instable, the game starts to freeze. I don’t know if t is coincidence, but I rather not risk.

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