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  • I completed Daily Challenge early on, got regular rewards… and later saw this in-game announcement. Naturally I’m unable to do Daily Challenge again, so I missed this one. What kind of “bigger rewards” were handed over?

    The timing of this was bad and the time frame was too short. I hope these kind of “mini events” are not common, because this one looks very much like Rovio giving me a middle finger…


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  • ryan-kochie

    Feathers and pearls were doubled, and the birds were double in size.


    I found the DC and KPP Big Day event much easier to complete compared to the regular DC / KPP, so I was happy to get the rewards. The rewards were reasonable but you only get 1 life to complete the challenge. Playing with BIG birds was a nice change and fun.


    Vogel Birdson

    I had seen the birds were bigger than normal before the notification was shown, so immediately started recording, thinking it was some bug.

    When I finished the Daily Challenge I saw the notice and it made sense… !


    Does anyone have footage? I’m intrigued, despite being forbidden to play the game!


    Disappointing to see early bird missing the whole shebang. Double feathers and pearls would have been welcome. Especially when DC and KPP seemed to be exceptionally easy. First time I had three birds unused after beating KPP.

    Does AB2 often have these kind of late announced way too short micro-events?


    @rawdatasystems yes, every time Super Streak week appears. Like you, I am unable to play due to an ongoing bug that has yet to be fixed, or moreover, noticed by Rovio. I feel you pain of not getting the game’s full effect…


    It was great fun and prizes were good too, hope they do it again soon.


    As leveling up birds get more and more difficult, missing extra feathers is felt harder. Granted, I’ve just started (55 days, FP354)… but there are so many annoyances in AB2 that the fun of playing is already reduced quite a bit. Last slingshot upgrade experience produced a “WUT?!” effect and annoyed even more than… for example, limited and inconsistent notifications of AB2.


    Edit: Aaaand stuck at “fast forwarding” again? That means, fight lost and one video less seen. Does Rovio have QA department at all?


    2nd edit: “WUT?!” experience solved. While already having full set of hats, Terence needed second hat to get slingshot upgraded and the feat completed! Yes, Terence already had that hat and the set was complete before that. It was a miracle that random reward gave just the right hat…



    If you did the DC early today you could do it with big birds. So those who played late yesterday and early today (like me) could do two DC within the event. Now it’s over.

    Inigo Montoya

    I noticed that for some of our international players, @dezsike; sorry if @RawDataSystems couldn’t take advantage. How’re you and your girl doing? Ember Moonstork says hello, and we’re bringing Missy & Frog into BreakingBeaks.com as soon as there are openings.


    @dezsike, I did DC pretty much when it came available, but I was unable to do it again later. After the announcement I tried directly and via Daily Quests. No Big Birds for me. Could it be because I completed KPP right after finishing DC?


    , that “international” made me smile… until I realized you meant from viewpoint of angrybirdsnest.com and not from AB2/Rovio’s.


    Ang Ryone

    It’s the second time I’m punished for doing the DC too early.



    Some months ago, there was kind of an event where birds were double in size. Rovio should do it again, it was fun…

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