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  • Ok, this may be presumptuous, but when there is a decision to be made on choose items, I’m guessing that more people go straight to either, the highest value number, or the gold-silver-bronze effects.

    How many people choose items based on the sprite of the item? The cuteness.

    I have obtained many items before, but I have been using the same items for a long long long time, all because these items are more “practical”.

    Rovio has made a lot of “cute” items, but their power and effect don’t compensate enough.

    Anyways, I’m just venting.

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  • Bobix

    Well depends on what you think is cute, for me cool=cute, but i do go for the practical choice.

    And it got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if Rovio added full body armor? I envision it as a fourth type of items but if you equip one, you wouldn’t be able to use the rest, so certain compromises would have to be made depending on the stats and abilities you’d get.
    They could have superhero, gods, mecha… full body armor, basically there are lots of ideas and it would make the gameplay more interesting imo. Plus if you want cuteness, just imagine what aphrodite full body armor would look like. ;-)



    Practicality is always the choice. I really want to use the Legendary Meat, but I already got the light saber.

    There are many other items I really would like to use, but they are just not “practical” enough….


    Red’s new plane is cute and it’s pretty effective too. Tends to have 400+ health, plus stops you from being sabotaged multiple times. I am finding it more effective than Billy.
    Red is the only bird I cant get the panel increaser, so I have been settling with the plane.

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