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  • Today I woke up and wanted to level up Matilda, because she is on par with a couple of birds you’d trade for Terrence or Bomb in a heartbeat. I didn’t need a lot of feathers, around 1900. Yesterday I positioned myself in arena so that I would get 1500 feathers for winning once. I started out doing the daily, which would net me 400 feathers. Unfortunately the levels were pretty hard so I had to spend 60 gems to reach the boss. The last boss had a floatation device and with my last bird, the rarely useful Silver, I aimed a good shot beneath the water so he would be able to knock the boss pig out of the water and out of bounds. Unfortunately Silver is bugged, so he just disappears when you use his special abilities in slopes or under water. So I had to burn 120 more gems. I hit the boss, he bounced and landed on a spot where it was impossible to reach him by means of any bird. So I said ok, no more spending gems here, I’m going to move over to the arena and grind 1500 feathers-chest-250 pearls and 2500 feathers. Unfortunately my opponent in the arena was 10 points higher than me and used all 5 spells! Ok, I should be able to get an easier opponent I thought, and used 15 gems to get another one. Well, this time my opponent was even better! I used gems once again and my opponent this time was 40 points over me + used all 5 spells. So I had to burn 60 gems to beat him. The next level, same thing. 40 points over and 5 spells.

    I know Rovio have been increasing the pressure on players to pay for the game and I’m fine with that. But let’s go through some thoughts here ok? I play to get better and stronger birds- so I can progress right? Then why am I punished for progressing? Why upgrade Chuckie when it only means my average will be higher so I will face tougher opponents in arena? Why not put level 1 hats on Chuckie, Bluebird and Silver and use max level hats on the rest?

    Daily challenge? Burn gems!
    Arena? Burn gems!
    Tower of fortune? Hatchling? Anything? Burn gems!

    I understand that you need players to pay, but it seems you completely don’t give a shit about the playerbase at all. To enjoy the game and play it you have to spend ca 200-500 gems a day. That’s just not financially possible for anyone, at least here in the EU where your “fantastic” offers amounts to 30-50 euro which nets enough gems to play a day or two if you play the game as it is supposed to be played: having fun. And having fun is something you guys completely lost touch with. How do you think a player feels when he goes into the arena and gets matched up at level 1 with an opponent of his strength? You spend a hell of a lot of time losing and that’s just not fun. Why would I spend 60 gems on the Daily Challange? It’s 400 feathers and a spell or two. Thank god the mighty eagle challenge is recurring daily. In 5 months time, given I log in daily, I will have a samurai hat for Terrence! That will be the day! Untill then I can spend time playing the Tower of Fortune where I have to play ultraconservative since you guys are only about the moneygrabbing.

    Basically this game is: 1. Feel like a crappy player and burn through spells while doing arena level 1-5 or 6 (but never completeting a win streak~400 gems!). 2. Play Tower of Fortune and hope for the day you get on an insane roll, amassing lots of gems. 3. Play Mighty Eagle challenge so you get a hat in 5 months (and when you get that hat you’ll be paired up against better players in arena because progress is pointless unless you’re only playing the game for the Mighty Eagle Challenge).

    So am I playing this game only to play the Mighty Eagle Challenge?

    This is not the same game I spent RL cash on a year ago. This is just some scummy shit for people without impulse control made by a company who would do way better doing other stuff but games.

    I feel like I have been told to spend money now or fuck off. Since I don’t appreciate the tone I’m just going to fuck off.

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  • Inigo Montoya

    You sound exactly like me before I joined, @AngRyone; are you in a Clan? That gave me a lot more reason to play, even when my own game chewed the meal.


    Same happened to me, @angryone. I only needed 12 feathers to rank up Red. It seemed to be easy, because the winning streak contained only red feathers that time. Finally Rovio has driven me to waste 10 arena tickets for those 12 feathers!!! It seemed to be jinxed!

    I agree with @inigomontoya, only being part of a good clan keeps the game interesting.

    Ang Ryone

    Like today: I have 200 gems and I want to win one arena battle. Unfortunately I get paired up with an opponent who is 100 skill points higher than me. So when I end up with a 14 million score that doesn’t matter, because he has 28. So I burn through 7 more birds and reach 25 million and it’s just not enough. FUN GAME. Win streak ended.



Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum It seems like the pigs won.

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