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    I play angry birds 2 on Bluestacks.

    I played until i´fe beaten the seccond boss.

    than it wanted me to rate it on the google play store.

    But after that i think, it was freezed.

    It didn´t react to any clicks.

    So i closed it and reopened it.

    but it does not finish loading now…

    It´s stuck on about 3/4 of that progress-bar.

    Than i restarted it again and it finished loading the game, but now it´s stuck on loading the next level…

    And what can i do to make it work again?

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  • LolHacksRule

    Its possible that they may have DRM/Anti-Emulator code that causes that to happen…



    I uninstalled Bluestacks because of this endless loading screen and useing only tablet to play ab2 now…  Can it be that  Rovios cloud datafile and your PC datafile does not match and it will crash because of this?


    Just like @dante-mele said, there is some kind of DRM/Anti-Emulation thing going on in the game. I mainly play on Bluestacks myself as well since it’s more comfortable (and relieving for my phone’s battery/CPU life) and most often than not, I do experience some crashes and freezes here and there, either by loading up the game, or while mid-game (the worst ones).

    It’s a way for Rovio to stop a bit with the cheating rampage, I believe. Just as an example, you cannot play Bootcamp if you’re on Bluestacks because the game will always give you both the “Connection Error” and “Oh no!” messages (ironically enough, bugging the game as well by making it impossible to close the pop ups, I believe because of how fast the second one comes up, thus confusing the game and forcing you to reopen it).

    In some extreme cases, the Bootcamp would go back to the three-day cool down if you insist enough, making you unable to play it on your phone as well.

    But it’s just a case of dispute between Bluestacks and the Anti-Emulation system that makes the game kinda unstable. Just close and reopen it a few times, and it’ll work like magic. Although not as often, but if necessary, close and reopen Bluestacks as well.


    I never played that on BlueStacks, so its an assumption, besides that’s what most apps do when they detect emulators or modified devices…


    Actually now i had more time playing levels than reloading it because of freezing.
    Now i played about 70 world-levels and unlocked all birds and magic-spells.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum it does not finish loading…

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