Is there any real motivation to play anymore?

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  • After the Apocalyptic Hogriders, they sort of just started reusing old events and Chronicle Cave bosses. There’s not really anything new…

    Unless they suddenly do something really big, is there really anything worth playing this game for anymore?

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  • Maxx_Matt

    I’m actually playing less, surfing with the same wave of reasonings you wrote above here. Arena is less playable than before, events are useful only for missing classes, their own elite hat addition and injections of mastery. Caves’ could bè played almost forever, maybe switching teams, classes, choices and test game situations.

    Anything written above here, is far far far from being Fully funny and entertaining. It is clear to my eyes, that ROVIO is not intended to make game funnier than this. They could expand the Island, they could try to make “stories” around things revealed in the past or added for us for the future.

    There are many ways to keep the interest High for newbie but far less for experiemced players. the more you play, the stronger you become and the fin or the thrill around game situations simply fade away.

    When you approach WPC for the first time, It could bè considered an hell to finish. Now It is part of a neverending daily game routine behind the goal of gaining mastery. Any Castle , any Cave, any Dungeon , any level can bè completed too easily to bè worth the fun or the reward of playing it over and over.

    When I Will maxx-out mastery classes nor top any enchantment weapons I actually use, the GRIND factor will disappear. ROVIO Will invest in other games rather then putting efforts on “old” games because It is easier for them to gather tons of newbies rather than satisfy “old” veterans.

    It is sad, but this game approach fit the clique “nothing last forever”, perfectly.


    The revised arena (which includes no update whatsoever) pretty much killed it for me. I dont even bother with it anymore. It was too stressful to worry about trying to keep up for little or no gain. I’ve been playing since the game came out and every update is a slap in the face.


    @kingpiggy087 I do assume you have not being playing too long? Those very points have been valid for far too long now. It really is just about a few remaining headgear now…and then done. I can’t see anything really keeping many of us interested after their acquisition (and even that takes a bit of reasoning)


    These days I only play during elite class events


    Bored and out of it since long…. The events is the same old shit over and over again


    Yeah since the arena changes it’s been just sad. And, ever since the Rovio staff replied to me about the top 5 thing being a “typo” or whatever… well I struggle to even open the game. I’m just over their crap. Lack of fun and things to do aside… they are seemingly doing everything in their power to keep us from advancing. Including wiping honest player’s data. I don’t even know if I’m going to finish out the arena season. I log on at least once a day (or try to, anyway) for the GPM videos and to do the cave and dojo. I am doing the current event because I still want elite spies. But really I’ve been spending most of my time on Evolution.

    Kingpiggy Pool Toy

    @pointless No, I’ve been playing for a very long time. Heck, it was the first game I even downloaded on my iPad. I’ve stuck with it for a long time, waiting to see if any events with new pigs will ever show up. Unfortunately, I can’t see that happening any time soon. Now I just check on it once a day, and that’s just for the calendar rewards. The only remotely interesting thing that’s happened is me winning Raiding Party by forfeit.


    Well @kingpiggy087 we do, at least, get the occasional Event with new Pigs (e.g.recent Hogriders), but the problem is that they follow the same layout, so anything new still doesn’t seem fresh. They are also constantly recycled

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