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  • After not having played for some 5-6 years, I thought I’d see if I had any unplayed levels – and found the “Treasure hunt”-levels in Rio. While waiting for the next level to open up I thought I’d try to play the original AB from the start, just to re-live the old levels.

    I am surprised at how many high scores I’m setting now, without looking at walkthroughs and without remembering the specifics of each level.

    However, one thing that’s really annoying is that I can’t zoom out enough on all levels on my iPhone 12 running iOS 14…
    For instance, I had to watch the walkthrough of Piggy Farm 33-14 just to see that there was something up on top that I had to try to clear – it’s impossible to see on my phone…

    Anyway, it’s nice to have re-found the game. I’ll keep playing!

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