Incentives beyond Diamond?

  • Other then earning star badges, are there any incentives for progressing beyond Diamond League? Now that I’ve got the Diamond sling (which hasn’t been helpful so far), why worry about moving up or even staying in the Diamond league? I don’t want to spend money if bragging rights are the only reward.

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  • Nope Diamond league is the last one. The best thing to do in Diamond is get your 3 crowns for each level, and then leave it, and hope you drop back down to gold. Diamond level eats powerups, and for no gain other than the reward coins.


    Thank you for confirming my thoughts.

    Dixi 60

    Rovio, by their own admission, underestimated the League system and didn’t think things through properly.
    They subsequently added the star system for the great number of very competitive players who got there far too fast.

    Once Rovio realised how popular the League was they quickly had to employ a strategy – the first strategy was to take twenty points off everyone who wasn’t in the top few. That caused unhappiness so that had to be changed and soon the endless stars appeared.

    Its not a good system but its all they have till further development of the game happens.


    My thoughts as well…. the diamond sling is all but useless. I keep running into the same couple star players in my leaugue that have impossibly high scores in all 6 levels after a few hours of each tournament opoening…Reeks of cheating..Real dissapointment after all the effort and $$ to get here.. Wadda ya gonnna do?


    I just got into Diamond League and I was excited to get the diamond sling, but I’ve found that it’s completely useless and dumb :/ I’m proud about my achievement to get into the DL, but it really isn’t that worth it. I’d be ok if I was demoted.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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