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  • Well, first no one can ever recreate the infamous Kathy Keyboard!
    so I won’t even try

    Who can forget Kathy and Kimmie, talking all the way through every walkthrough, hardly adding anything to the strats!

    But was she grateful to fellow flingers:

    “Comex666 Happy to help, I always feel honoured when you make a vid of one of Strats”

    And the whine

    “This Whine is for us bottom of the ladder flingers: PuHleeezzzee AngryBirdGoddesses we’ve been flinging for hours, and we don’t want to whine, but…”

    With Rat, also sadly passed, known as Ma &Pa

    “Aw, Pa, I still can’t do it! I miss you! Give me a quick kick up the butt for good luck from above, please”

    And her Einstein quote, which rings true every time we fling “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result”

    A founder member of The Bloated Pig, all the remaining patrons remember how she took them under her wing, and showed them around ABN

    Her last comment there: Goodnight Birdies

    Her spirit is still there, in her booth, eating Bacon Bits and drinking whatever ridiculous cocktails OB and the Blues serve up

    RIP, Princess

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  • wrw01

    @hunnybunny Sorry to read about Kathy. Very nicely written and brings back a lot of good memories of this fellow AB enthusiast.
    Kathy was a competitive and positive supporter of the many games of Angry Birds. She was also a good member of the Angry Birds Nest with her posts. She tried to help many members of the Nest improve their scores over the years. Kathy encouraged all, provided positive support and always had something nice to say about her fellow flingers. She was not embarrassed to ask for assistance when a particular level was challenging which, in the end, helped us all.
    Over all the years, since 2011, I have read each of her posts in all the levels we both played and they were all focused in improving her score and the scores of the others in those levels. She was there to help us all become better at these games.
    Her positive spirit will remain with the Nest and her contributions will alway be appreciated as we read her comments in the levels played and those to be played.
    Kathy, may the spirit of your body rest in eternal peace and may the grace of God be with you.



    I’m really sorry, it was a real pleasure.
    thank you for everything.
    see you.


    My personal memory of Kathy is sending her pictures of castles, palaces, Cathedrals, anything grand and imposing, she just loved them, “Are you really there, Jac?”

    She so wanted to come to the UK and see them for herself

    Mr. Pollo

    I’m sorry to hear this. Although I haven’t been here for as long as most of you have, I understand how it feels to lose someone you’ve known online for a while. I hope she rests in peace.

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