i was just completely robbed!

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  • i have been playing this all day. i have been fighting for the top spot all day and was up about 4k points with about a minute forty five seconds to go. i played my last node and when it ended i had gone over by about 10 seconds. IT RESET ME TO ZERO!!!!! i ended up with 100 tokens instead of 1000! this is garbage! anyone run ito this issue? i’m guessing i’m sol on this. UNBELIEVABLE!

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  • Optimus_Pig

    You need to be extremely careful about runs that occur too close to the cut-off time.

    It’s been like this ever since they first started these special events back in the fall of 2015.

    The problem is that the server needs to update everyone’s scores for the end-of-day and if you’re still playing when the clock ticks over, you’re screwed over.

    Rovio even suggests that you quit playing with five minutes remaining on the clock, so that there’s enough time for your final score to upload.


    see that’s odd. i have gone over before and been knocked into the next competition. can’t believe i just got hosed like that…all that time wasted…


    @rd19 – I have heard this from many people. I have been too scared to try it out myself. I use Ratchet, and he is slow. I wont run unless there is more than 3 or 4 minutes left


    Heard about this happening never happened to me as yet. Hearing about it been pretty concerned to do a run unless there is at a few minutes on the clock and I need an average score (so I can drive) to move up to the next level on the leaderboard. Twice I have failed to complete the level before time was up, both times I was going for first and hit Cobalt Valley where it kept putting me in slow motion. First time the score I got went to the next days comp. Second time was late last year – nothing didn’t give me the score for either day it was as though I hadn’t done it but it did take one of my runs off me for the new day. That concerned me the most so haven’t needed to or tried doing a level in the final 5 minutes since then.


    Did that before and another player passed me by 5,000+ points in the last 10 seconds. Screw CPU’s


    thats the thing, being up against an e grimlock with the gold star promotion, i really had no recourse. i needed that last one to be safe…figures.

    this whole competition has been glitchy as hell this time. and stupid me, i updated this morning, guess what doesn’t open at all now…ugh.


    This has happened to me, as others I try and leave a min or so left on the clock but since sparks came in it’s pointless trying to fight for top spot as people who spend real money on spark packs will always win due to the huge bonus they get


    Same here , hadn’t cashed in anyn tokens yet….I’m an angry bird!


    Yeah been in the same situation of getting all tokens for that leaderboard day confiscated… :(

    Worst if its 0 tokens instead of being 1st place w 1000 tokens.

    So now i play with an eye on the clock, a physical one. Be especially watchful on that last run of the day.

    That last run must finish with 1+ mins left or more.

    Else at the 1:05 mins to end day 00:00 UTC / GMT+0 i press the pause and then exit, confirm.

    No point just sacrificing those tokens you spent so much time and effort collecting those 24 hours.

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum i was just completely robbed!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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