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  • You Gotta be Joshing me

    It’ll come back eventually.


    Face it, the players are leaving.

    @andrewinireland That’s because the players that are leaving are throwing a temper tantrum just because of the new update. The 2.0 update improves many things, but since some players are so obsessed with gems, those players are acting like babies throwing a fit and leaving.


    You call it “temper tantrums” but at the end of the day if a game becomes boring and/or unplayable they are going to leave. There are thousands of other games that people can spend their time on.


    You just joined the forum and immediately are upset at lack of activity?  Are you a rovio/exient employee?

    @fortressmaximus I’m not new or disappointed at lack of activity, I just don’t know why people let this forum go silent because of an update.


    You have only been a member since May 2020……. WE do not believe you and your B.S. comments…….

    You Gotta be Joshing me

    @otter You do realize that it’s possible he used to visit ABN back in the day and only recently decided to get an account.

    I’ve been visiting ABN every now and then since 2012 and decided to officially become a part of it a few years back.


    Just saying ..if it looks like a duck….. quacks like a duck…….. WE talk about a lot of game play here…..and it always seems to get to r/e and WE all seem to get screwed …..


    Haven’t played since the changes and no intention of going back with the current state of the game. I’ve gone so far as to uninstall it even.

    I put a lot of real money into the game over the years buying gems and the occasional character and it was nice while it lasted.

    Oh and as for the OP whose contributions seem to be accusing anyone who doesn’t agree with the changes as whingers, well… yea new poster, controversial opinion… hmmm..

    I’m not accusing them of being whiners, @kaisermcg, I’m just calling them that because I’m trying to tell them that they need to grow up and understand that the new update wasn’t a total loss.


    I think you’re only one of the few that calls this update an improvement. Most players (me included) are feeling that it is a downgrade of the game only serving R/E to get more money. Well, as noted by many others who have already left this game, this was a great error of estimation by R/E.
    But as they will earn more money, because there seems to be still players like you, who don’t have a problem in paying large amounts of money on this game, they won’t change it back.
    It is now very obvious that R/E is only in for the money, not for people to have fun!
    Also I’m still wondering what your role is in all this. It looks to me like you’re somehow connected to R/E, just to promote this new version (and get them more money).

    @moifirst I don’t have any connections to Rovio or Exient (sorry if I spelled that wrong). I don’t even work there or want to promote it! I just want people to try and have as much fun as they can with the new update, I’m not trying to get them to pay for anything!


    Yeah, I found no fun in the new version. Where once I played daily I now don’t even open most days. Definite downgrade for me but you enjoy yourself.


    Hi guys!!!!

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum I Hate It When This Chat Dies.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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