I got a 23 streak

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  • I don’t know how. Anyone else got this high?

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  • MadDragon

    I’ve only got a 15, but I went against someone with a 51 streak (he had a 52 after lol).


    Someone I battled had a 31 win streak. Until I beat him/her.


    The highest I got is level 23 (Stella) and 22 (Blue Trio).
    All the rest are level 17-19.


    I mean winning streak, not levels.


    Impressive, I think, one question though, do keep your streak when you go offline during the fight, lets say after the matching when get to see your points? Seen lot of players with large streaks going offline after the matching, when they notice it’s a losing fight for them. Then in my opinion it’s not that impressive. Not saying Pastakirby7 did that.


    I think you keep it, but if you were losing just before the end of the fight and go offline you still get your but kicked lol. Going offline right at the beginning of the fight though means you’ll fight a bird who does 0 damage and have like 0 shield.

    Sometimes when I’m fighting it’ll say Ive gone offline but the bird Im fighting is still online and gaining strength, so I dunno why it says ive gone offline while I’m still obviously online. I think the same is what happens when birds you face randomly go offline mid-battle.


    Longest streak is 31.

    Currently in middle of 23 streak. For me, Red and Blues are the best birds to fight with.


    Mine was 40. It was soon after the Bomb equipped with wrench (plus Gold Beast Hat) and all his gears are three stars, and he got 12 wins in a row.

Home Forums Angry Birds Fight! Forum I got a 23 streak

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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