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  • Both the free one we got a few days ago and the new one i just earned from the boss, apart from the design absolutly nothing changes. the power, attack and defence numbers stay exactly the same.


    Am i missing something?

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    Nope…that’s it…a new skin is all…complete joke of an addition. Rovio, is this all we have to look forward to in Epic? You will lose us all very quickly…



    If you still work there and care


    Those Legacy headgears were limited time offers to limited areas in the past and are no different in power or ability than the Elite headgear. Not terribly useful, but something a completist might go for…


    Basically, the Legacy upgrades just make the value of the Elite Chest less.
    Though for the Jungle campaign event, it says for a Premium chest.. I already have all the classes?


    @budstheawesome how do you have all available Elites/Legacy Classes? Not possible yet…
    Legacy Classes have bumped the equivalent Class to Elite status, so in essence, you have two Elites for the same Bird Class. Useless, unless your main concern is the aesthetic of the game…in which case you’d be playing Barbie dresssup, or some other game that @dallasreds keeps going on and on about…


    @pointless I meant the Premium classes, not Elites/Legacy
    I only have 2 Legacies left to nick and a few Elites left. I mean, the Kraken gave me the Elite Samurai.
    I only have Ronin, Moon Priestess, Elite Avenger, Elite Princess and Elite Spies left to grab.


    The game I’m so excited about actually is called “Shrimp on the Barbie”. I’ve gained 10 pounds since I started.


    I think the best analogy is Club Penguin. Kids loved the ability to dress up their penguins. But different outfits didn’t have any effect on game play.

    Club Penguin went out of business.


    This sounds like Angry Brids Seasons with their Bird Wear.


Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum I don't understand these new upgrades

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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