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  • It all started in the end of 2013: Angry birds go was released. I wasn’t a fan at the time, and I was looking forward to the next free netflix angry birds game.  tech news Then Angry Birds Epic. I didn’t want this, I wanted a REAL game. Then Stella and pop came around. Ok, next game is gonna be it. And it was! Angry Birds 2 came around, but it really sucked. They got rid of the classic bird and pig design for this weird moderny graphics. I didn’t like it. Many bad spinoffs later, and the movie came. I have a few complaints: The Birds look awful, and they didn’t animate it with the old sprites, or even the “piggy tales” style. And why did americans make it? It seems like it would be a million times better if Rovio made it. But this movie art style ruined everything; They changed all the birds and pigs into this anthropomorphic weird art style. Then in 2017-2018, they stopped making games. I wake up one morning to hear they made a new game. Hope! I go to see what it is:

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  • bill

    Its not hard to figure out HOW rovio is going. Like all other game makers, they should go out to the App Store and google play, and rename all their games to end in ‘The Game of Ads’! AB2 Games of Ads, AB Classic A Game of Ads,  ABFriends A Game of Ads, and down the line.

    I usually don’t mind the ads, but when they are forced on us at every turn of the so called games, it becomes a large PITA.

    Most of my rovio games have been relagated to the ‘games I rarely play page on my iPad.


    Well this is sadly how the mobile gaming industry works these days, it’s absolutely toxic… i gave up a long time ago on Rovio, they are the worst these days. And i totally agree, the movie designs need to get away from the games, they just don’t work there.


    If you play on airplane mode, no ads.


    Yes its been a sad decline, first their merchandise income fell apart, you can only buy so many toys, and kids grow up of course. Then their game discs became obsolete with the phone and app  revolution, and then their movies tanked badly at the box office,  the writing was on the wall. Then of course the final nail was some years ago with their IPO , when they floated rovio onto the world market, initial perception because of angry birds success was it would generate about 2 billion in share creation, but in the 2 years if took to get it done had been bad for rovio and when the time came it generated less than 1 billion, a huge shock for rovio and the stockmarket, i mean youve got to remember rovio kicked off angry birds over a decade ago with about a 90 ,0000 us dollar investment so to turn that into a billion is pretty damn good, but rovio ever since has struggled to come up with a follow up to angry birds, and this happens to lots of people, a bands second album, a follow up single, a great car design, a directors second movie , this is what makes true success , your follow up, rovio has fallen short, the first ten years it was about the game, but since its been about the money, now its about how to we extract money from advertisers and players, now its run like an online gambling site or bookmaking site or online casino . Unfortunately this is the new world order, , get the people hooked for free then start increasing prices for all the addicts, rovio is just the newest incarnation of the drug dealer on the corner.

Home Forums General Discussions Forum I don't like where rovio is going…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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