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  • I am very angry with rovio’s communication about the game and the glitch edge of the world i am posting here the screen shoots of the messages!

    For all the glitches is always the device fault! for crying out loud!

    Now i am awaiting an answer! because i run the game in my new iPhone 7 Plus that has 3GB Ram and at my work’s Samsung Galaxy S6. And the glich is always in that particular node in the desert in all devices!

    And by the standards of rovio the devices with 1GB like my older iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5s / iPhone 5 aren’t worthy to play the game? What excuse is that!?

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  • sheepybach


    So they are still blaming the device and not the app as they have just said it a different way.
    The device i have the new game on has 3Gb ram and 32Gb storage and before I installed the game on it I removed all other apps that I had d/L onto it, left only 1 browser and disabled the pre-installed apps, so the Tab only has the game on it really that works and it still gives issues.


    I am using a Iphone 5 and I had the end of world issue a few times while home on my wifi and not out so its not down to your device!


    I play on an ipad mini2 and i ran into the end of the world glitch on the desert nodes several times. Sometimes it would just happen yet sometimes the blocks would start distorting and become unbreakable.


    Funny. I used an iPad mini with 14.31 GB space left and get the ‘End of the World’ bug twice during the Smashing Pumpkins event. Next, my Wi-Fi at home and college is strong and stable but the game takes like forever to load (especially the event).

    In conclusion, it’s the game’s fault.

    The Dark Knight

    @kogurazul But as rovio said it’s the device fault…


    If it helps any. I can confirm it has happened to me on iPhone with plenty of memory. It only occurred in desert run too.

    I would have thought it would be good practice for a game to warn you that you have insufficient memory before you start an event and then provide help in how to solve the issue. As they haven’t done this, then I believe it is an untrapped error.


    At 1 time I was going to ask for members to list their devices and send them off to Rovio but I ditched that after the reply I got about the 6 devices I know about.

    The Dark Knight

    @paul13 after my last message with ann-marie i haven’t received any replay. But it’s obvious that if you have a device that has 10-20 cores processor and 32GB ram and 1TB space it will also be from the default the device problematic and it can’t run the game properly <- Always from Rovio’s side.



    IMHO is a bad do if you start blaming all issues that an app has on the people’s devices. That is lazy on their part as they are really saying yes we know there are issues but we can’t be bothered to fix theand point the blame else where.
    There is nothing players can do when they act this way.

    The Dark Knight

    We are laughing now people see this replay after SOOOO LONG TIME!!!


    Somebody needs to draw Rovio a map with directions to reality.

    The Dark Knight

    @rlcoone i doubt that they will ever understand them!


    Just to clarify a little, the replies from the support are correct. The end of the world glitch happens when the device runs out of available memory. I have seen some confusion on this topic as to how much memory devices have and how it would be possible to run out of available memory.

    The issue occurs when there is not enough available space in the RAM to store the next part of the level. The RAM (1GB in the iPhone 6+) is not the same as the standard storage memory (The 128GB in the original post). As the support team mentioned, it is recommended to play on devices with 2GB+ of RAM.

    With all this said, we are still looking into ways to fix this issue. Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused.



    OK so my understanding from the support mails and you post is that the game needs a large amount of RAM to run correctly and so 2Gb RAM is ok and the game should run np at all. Taking all that into account then the game on devices with 3Gb/4Gb RAM should fly, Well sorry to tell you and the team but it makes no difference how much RAM the device has because it still crashes the game with many of the reasons that have been reported on this forum, Facebook et al.
    Can I please also add 1 thing to this, It is not the devices that are the problem it is the game so can you all please stop blaming the devices. You like us know it’s not the device at fault as the range and platform makes it not likely unless you want to say that Android and IOS device in the market are no good and are the problem.

    The Dark Knight

    @lewie4 My new iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB same amount as my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that i have from work but the same problem occurred in both devices. It’s NOT only the iPhone 6 Plus that has one 1GB Ram! Same happened to devices higher way much higher specs! Also why this haven’t happened in the new events? And only into that specific event AND at a specific node? So in the end it’s not the devices but the program’s fault and stop accusing the devices!


    I have installed ABT to my iphone 5c before about 2 years ( when you could play only online ).

    The game was crashing all the times. There was updates that after installing them, you couldn’t run the game and had to wait for some weeks, for a new update that would do the game functional again.

    There was players that quit playing the game, just because it was crashing so many times that was annoying to keep trying to play.

    If someone look at the older game rates, he can see way too many comments about how rediculously the game was crashing.

    Since then, the game is way to stable, but stil crashes every few games ( i’m very sure in all devices ).

    I always playing the online games, having in mind that i will loose at least two games in a round of twenty because of crashing.

    That’s all. The game from the stability view, is way the worst ever ( in my device the only that it crashes ) and it will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be stable.


    I just wonder what would be Apple’s answer if someone informed them, that Rovio’s official answer is that no iPhone model with less than 2 GB RAM, CANNOT play their game stable!!!

    I believe that Rovio think, that all we are just stupids and Apple made a serious model just before some months ( iphone 7 ).

    So i’m playing their game for free, i never paid a cent for anything and i will never pay a cent to them, not because of the bugs but because of their answers.

    Just for a compare, i’m playing also Real Racing 3 and never, NEVER had i a crash ( after 600+ hours of game play ). And of course with big pleasure i have paid them.


    Rovio what is your reason or excuse for a device with 6Gb RAM still crashing and getting the end of the world issue?
    Can wait to hear it.

    @elpapam I agree with you the “Edge of the World” glitch and a lot of the other glitches encountered in are not the fault of the device. Although, in my case, I suspect that there are bugs on my iPad that may be contributing (if not causing) some of the glitches. I say this because I have had more than one unrelated crash on me, and those crashes were occuring at bit too frequently to be being only caused by the affected apps. What I’m trying to say is that there may be bugs on your iPhone that may be making any glitches in the game worse than what other players may be experiencing. That doesn’t mean that Rovio/Exient isn’t trying to screw us, too, since they probably are trying to screw us.

    The Dark Knight

    @jimmy-necessary sorry but for your information my applications aren’t costing problems and to be truth i am only having angry Birds Epic & Transformers and Infinity Blade 3.

    The other filled space is with music that i am listening while driving wile walking and go to gim or when i am on trails with my bike.

    So i doubt that those only 3 games are causing glitch to each other!

    Also i am using a clear iOS not any jailbroken devices! And always i do Restore clean restore and not restore from backup i restore backup separately to avoid other glitches that might have been stored at the backups.

    I don’t know what is the glitch that you are facing with at your ipad, but in my iPhone 6 Plus the newest iPhone 7 Plus and my older iPad Air the only glitch i have had AND only in a specific nod from Desert Island (and not from map) only from an Event node was the major problem. I haven’t had none other problem nowhere else in the app.

    And this Devices are running different iOS

    iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.4 (non jailbroken device).
    iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1.1 (non jailbroken device) <- Not that there is any jailbreak. tool
    iPad Air iOS 8.4 (non jailbroken device).

    And my work’s Samsung S6 Edge (i have it with my company’s sim card) Android 5.1 (not rooted device).

    I hope those explanations would help :)

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