How To Score 100 Million on Angry Birds 2 Without Spending Any Money

  • Hi everyone,

    Total score: Over 100 million
    Purchased gems: None*
    Extra spell cards used to start levels: None**

    *Made an initial purchase of 400 because I was impatient, wasn’t really needed in the long run.
    **Only used early on for a few troublesome levels, not used for any high scores.

    Angry Birds 2 is similar to ABO in that you shoot birds to kill pigs and knock down their structures but the overall strategy to be successful is very, very different.

    Here’s are a few basic strategy tips:

    Your initial goal is to get through enough levels to earn all of the birds. The game gets a little easier after you have the more powerful birds available.

    Don’t worry about 3-starring everything, just focus on completing each level. There will be plenty of time to clean up the stars later on.. (See above tip.)

    Don’t be afraid to burn a few gems if you get stuck on a level. You probably won’t set a high score if you go that route and you can play “clean” later when you are chasing points. Also don’t be afraid to buy an extra spell card at the beginning of a level you are having trouble with.

    Once you have passed all the levels, go back and get all the levels up to 3 stars. I had a few dozen levels to clean up after my first pass.

    After getting everything to 3 stars, review the leaderboards for level where you are below the average score. Also look for low rankings for levels where you have the most potential for points.

    Focus on the levels with 2 or 3 parts first. These should be pretty easy to complete every time when you have all the birds available so you can play for a long time with worrying about burning up lives.

    Be sure to replay the beginning levels with the more powerful birds to increase those scores.

    It is difficult to give specific level by level tips because the structures and cards are constantly charging. Despite what Rovio says, there can be significant variations in the amount of points available with each play. I found one level where a 1-bird solution varied between 60,000 and 120,000 points depending on the structures and birds available. It is important to replay the levels over and over to maximize your odds at getting the best combination of structures and birds. And luck!

    Replaying levels can potentially yield massive score improvements. I have exceeded previous scores by over 100,000 on a number of occasions and smashed high scores accordingly.

    General Rules (There are occasional exceptions)

    Always try to set off the TNT.

    Don’t mess around and try and be cute. If you have a sure 1-bird shot, take it instead of trying a trickier shot with a weaker bird.

    There is a 25,000 point bonus for a 1-birder, 10,000 point bonus for a 2-birder. However, there may significantly more points in standing structures so always be prepared to try and get off an extra bird to steal a few points at the end of a section or level.

    On Boss levels, there is usually a lot of extra structures left over. If possible, take those out before finishing off the Boss pig. There are some potential big scores on the Boss levels with this strategy.


    As you know, all birds have different abilities and they can be applied to maximize these abilities throughout the game.

    Red – Surprising useful in knocking over structures

    Yellow – Great for wood structures or for picking off far away pigs, balloon pigs or that darn transporting pig. Also good for avoid the pigs that shoot back at you. If you accelerate it at the right time the pig shot will miss him.

    Blue – Glass is their best target but also good if you can get them flying around with fans or bouncy things

    Silver – Good with stone, and for coming a things from directly overhead. They can also be powerful with a non-direct hit. If you hit a surface close to a TNT, it will bounce up and then detonate when it lands.

    White – Very versatile for both strong blasts, knock things over, going through portals, and hitting thing up and away with the carcass.

    Black – Very strong at blowing things up. Also use it to nick balloons on the way to a target to drop floating things.

    Terrence – He’s a beast most of the time but tends to have a problem with stone stuff. However, get him accelerated with an fan and he can be devastating.

    Flowers – Alsways look to see if there are flowers that can catch and shoot bird to hard to get to places. They may not always be the best option but always check them out. It is also good if you can dump debris on the them so they can launch them around the screen.

    Rockets – If you can push a structure over on a rocket, it can explode and destroy the structure. Even better, if you can push the structure and rocket over onto another structure, obliterating both structures.

    Fans – Sometimes helpful, sometimes a nuisance. They can accelerate birds and blow debris all over the place or they can effectively block an otherwise easy shot. Not always the best option to use though.


    Rubber Duck – Mixed results, sometime minimal damage, sometimes it can clear a level. The sponsored powerups (bees, bats, etc.) are very similar. Tip: Don’t use these on levels where structures are underneath hills and houses as the ducks don’t have room to appear over the structures.

    Snowflake – Not a big deal most of the time unless used right before the blue bird. It won’t get you any points on its own but the birds will tear through ice structures very easily.

    Hot Pepper – Randomly picks a pig, sets it on fire, and then blows it up. Very effective of you have one last pig that’s hard to reach or all the remaining pigs are close together.

    Pig Popper – Most effective on pigs in small spaces.

    Sardine Can – Most powerful spell, will clear all the pigs on a level and usually wipe out all the structures too. Usually. (Note: I did once use the sardine can as the second bird and it did NOT pop a pig buried under debris.) Use this on stages that you usually spend 2, 3 or more birds on.

    Self-Destructing Levels – If a level complete self-destructs, you will not get the 25,000 bonus unless you quickly fire off a bird.

    Transporting Pig – If you shoot a bird near it, it will transport. Try hit way under it on a structure or knock another structure over on top of it.

    Chasing Points
    Once you’re 3-starred everything, it’s time to go back and try and jack up your point totals. The main difference with AB2 vs ABO is the lives factor. In ABO, you can just restart if you don’t get the results you want. In AB2, you need to finish the level every time so you don’t lose lives. Combined with the multiple sections for each level, this greatly reduces the number of times you can play a level in a given time.

    The best way to chase points is to go back to the early levels. When you first played them, you didn’t have all the birds. You should be able to bump up the points just from using stronger birds. Beyond that, it’s a combination of structures, available birds, good shooting and luck. Pay attention to how many points you can get on the first stage. As mentioned above, there can be a significant range based on the above factors. Keeping playing a level and you will eventually get the right combination of factors for a very high score. It is not unusual to go from worst to first on the leaderboard. Work you way up to the higher levels.

    Speaking of the leaderboards, they are your best guide for planning which levels to go after for more points. Target your scores below the average first because you more potential points on those levels. Also note your ranking, as that will also indicate opportunities for more points. If you get frustrated on a level, just pick a different one, there’s a couple hundred to choose from.

    Another difference with this game is that you will similar structures on different level, and on different terrains. As you play the game more, you should be able to refine you techniques so you will play smarter after seeing the same or similar things over and over.

    Again, this is a game of persistence. If you don’t put in the time, you won’t get the best conditions to pop up occasionally for massive scores.

    Bottom Line
    All this can be achieved if you are patient. If you are impatient, you’ll need to spend gems for extra lives, extra birds and spells. With the daily challenges and gifts, you should be able to maintain a gem balance should you need them. I spent some early on to get past levels I was having trouble with, but I haven’t selected any spells to start levels in point chasing mode. There are levels where this could help (potentially) get some higher scores but I’m not planning to go this route. The points are there if you are patient and persistent, and you won’t have to open your wallet either.

    Happy shooting!

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  • SweetP

    Thanks for the detailed guide @dmsral, this is great!

    So far, I’m experiencing pretty much everything you’ve described here, as I work my way through Cobalt Plateaus-Greenerville. I haven’t come across the transporting piggie yet, so thanks for the tip on how to deal with him!

    I have been trying to 3-star a level before moving to the next one. (Those 6-room levels are a bit tough!) But I think I’ll take your advice and make my first pass, then go back to obtain 3 stars, and then work on my leaderboard scores.

    And like you’ve discovered, choosing a spell at the start of a level doesn’t always guarantee 3-star scores. It’s just better to get them as an extra card when the progress bar gets filled or popping a gold pig.

    A few more tips:

    Terence – Trying to pop balloons with him will be like hitting a concrete wall! He’ll stop cold or bounce off.

    Do not underestimate the Blues’ abilities. I’ve managed to clear an entire room with three structures a few times, which is a nice surprise! You just have to find the right target and splitting timing to get a one-birder.

    As mentioned above, drop Matilda’s egg in one portal, and get her carcass to knock down another structure. It’s like having two birds in one!

    Also, if you play in the arena tournaments, you can earn feathers to increase your birds’ ability strength to achieve higher scores. The higher you rank after each tournament, the more feathers are awarded.

    Happy Flinging everyone!


    Thanks @sweetp!

    Yes, it’s surprising how Terrence gets stopped cold at times.

    My “if you have a guaranteed 1-birder shot, take it” is also my basic tournament strategy. As the results are still pretty much random though, there’s no reason to spend gems on extra tries. Take the regular plays and the video freebies and then see what place you randomly end up in. I usually end up higher though so I’m not complaining. :-)

    Those six room / section / step levels can be very tough to pass and can deplete your lives very quickly. Think about spending gems at the end for extra birds if you are close to finishing the level so you can end the frustration and get past it. Lots of easier levels await!


    Agreed! There is no reason to spend any money on this game, in fact, I do not even have a credit card associated with the app store I got it through, so I couldn’t spend money even if I wanted to. I should probably finish playing those last two and a half chapters so I can join you at the top of the flock!


    @burbman: Come on up, the 100 Million Club lounge is open. I’ll bake some cookies!


    Mmmm!! Me Like Cookies!!


    @dmsral There are also portals in Bamboo Forest levels. Pretty straightforward – birds and objects going through them appear on the other side of the portal. The guide could also mention the daily objectives, and the gifts you can sometimes find in levels.


    Just want to bring this old post up to the top to read later.

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