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  • So I’ve kinda been on an ‘extended break’ but got thinking about how much fun this community was, and popped in to have a look. In the 2 years or so I’ve been gone, it seems everything has happened! There’s a million new version of the game, Chrome AB has gone, the PC editions are no longer supported, and I’m sure there’s much more. But anyways, I hope to stop by from time to time, if there’s anyone around who still remembers me from the “good ol’ days” of 2012


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    @laurence You can just go to the bottom of the homepage, find the archives, and indulge yourself. It will save everybody and you a lot of stress. :)


    List of things I thik you missed:


    Star Wars II

    Slingshot Stella



    Stella Pop


    Under Pigstruction


    Angry Birds Toons Seasons 1 and 2

    Piggy Tales

    Piggy Tales: Pigs on Work

    Angry Birds Stella Toons



    There are some walkthroughs for most of the newer games, but just know that Fight! and Under Pigstruction are still soft-launched. They are expected to be released worldwide this summer. Just go and check the forums to see what everyone is talking about. :)


    Good to see you around @laurence … long time :)


    Hiya @laurence, nice to see you again! Don’t forget to drop in at the BP and say hi, and while you’re there, tell OB to put your drink on my tab.


    @laurence — Hi! LTNS — Have you finished your studies, or do I have you confused with someone else? I never got around to deleting you from my friends list, but you’d been gone long enough that I might have. : )
    I think one of the things you probably missed is the creation of the new forum. The old forum still exists, although the only active thread is the Bloated Pig. You can find the BP under community above.
    Stop in and tell us all what you’ve been up to.

Home Forums General Discussions Forum How much have I missed??

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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