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  • My elite L29 Bard does 629 with a L29 nightmare set. I’m sure the Sea Dog does the most damage, but I don’t have him or a set weapon for Bomb.

    I did the math and have determined that Bomb, Lightning Bird and X does the most damage on average except when using chili on Lightning Bird. If I use chili on the Wizard in the Samurai, Wizard and Marksmens combo they will average slightly more damage per round, but maybe that is because I don’t have a set weapon for Bomb. My samurai, wizard and marksmen do a minimum of 5200+ if they score no criticals. I can increase that number a couple hundred points if I equip my Samurai with a L29 instead of a L25 set weapon and my wizard with an off hand item that increases damage. I used 650 as the damage number for Sea Dog because that is how much damage my Sea Dog would do if I had him.

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  • KillerKea

    My group of L29 Samurai, Lightning Bird and Marksmen equipped with L29 set weapons does 2396 damage the first round and 2672 damage every round afterwards because Volley will be active. If I use the golden chili the first round the they do 4813 or 5089 with Volley active. If I use Samurai, Wizard and Marksmen the damage done is 2055, 2331, 5391 and 5667 so this group does 341 less damage when I don’t use the rage chili, but 578 more damage when I do use the rage chili.

    The numbers for other combinations of birds if the Sea Dog does 650 damage are

    Samurai, Lightning bird, Sea Dog 2482, 3170, 4847, 5497
    Paladin, Lightning bird, Sea Dog 2264, 3061, 4520, 5170
    Bard, Lightning bird, Sea Dog 2558, 3208, 4961, 5611

    Every other round the Sea Dog has to waste a turn casting Gang Up so you alternate between the numbers above each round assuming the Sea Dog is always at full health.

    Samurai, Wizard, Marksmen 2055, 2331, 5391, 5667
    Samurai, Lightning bird, Marksmen 2396, 2672, 4813, 5089

    If Chuck can use a rage attack every round, then Samurai, Wizard and Marksmen can do more damage than combinations with the Sea Dog since they will always do at least 5667 every round after the first round. If you never use the rage chili the best Sea Dog combo averages 250-300 more damage per round than the best Marksmen combo. Set equipment bonuses can easily change these numbers so your equipment really determines what combo is best for you. Damage to the Sea Dog will lower the amount of damage he does so the Marksmen can be almost as effective as the Sea Dog.

    Mighty Red

    My bird level is 29 (max), I have all 25 masters and all 30 legendaries which are level 29. If I were to equip my birds with sets and classes that grant the most damage, then these would be the numbers:

    Samurai with Grand Slam set deals 3 x 225 damage;
    Wizard with Time Jump set deals 650 damage;
    Bard with Nightmare set deals 719 damage;
    Sea Dog with Scissors set deals 894 damage;
    Tricksters with Artillery Strike set deal 715 damage.

    However, these are the classes and sets I love to use:

    Paladin with Grand Slam set (607 damage);
    Wizard with Twin Lightning set (602 damage);
    Bard with Sweet! set (666 damage);
    Sea Dog with Scissors set (894 damage);
    Skulkers with Artillery Strike set (644 damage).


    @mighty-red-1 — By legendaries do you mean complete sets?

    Mighty Red

    @mvnla2 Legendary – 1 legendary set item. Set – 2 legendary set items that go together. So I have all 30 legendaries, and that’s all 15 sets.

    Sir Falcon

    Wow… you must have spent a lot! :D

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