How many stars does your 1st player have in your league?

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  • Maybe it’s you..Oh yeah i feel good,i’ve been challenged finally after weeks i found a worthy maniac opponent :P…calculating estimated completion time to get 1000 stars is 10 hours for me with 4 spells and 125 tickets.

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  • jo-ha

    For months I finally ended up in a non-maniac league again.
    Right now I’m first with 460 stars, the second is close behind at around 420, the third has only 130 stars.

    For the last weeks the first ones had at least 1.000 stars.



    the actual time spent is more than your your estimation.

    10 hours for 1000 stars? You must count it on a average 8 stars per match.

    When you enter arena, you need to spend time on selecting opponent and choose spells you would like to bring in, it would consume, at least 20 seconds per match (for me, under VPN connection it’s 60 seconds) and then enter fighting graphic. As you said, 4 spells per match, that’s 11 birds/spells. Moreover, you would be reimbursed at least 4 birds. In total, 15 birds. After your winning, there is a roughly total 30 seconds to collect reward and return to arena main menu.

    Let’s do the simple math,

    1. 10 hours is equal to 36000 seconds.
    2. 125 matches as you estimated, ie, 288 seconds per match. No rest at all.
    3. Here is the deduction of beginning and ending time slot, 20+30 seconds, 50 in total.
    4. It leaves you 238 seconds to play 15 birds.
    5. every 16 seconds, you have to complete one birds session with enough destruction.

    Possible or impossible? let the number speak.


    10 hours for 1000 stars?

    Yes 10 hours for 1000 stars is pretty much spot on, the hardest part of that is dedicating 10 hours to a game that is not as much fun as it used to be….but if you do put in the time, it is very achieveable.

    Arguably it could be done quicker by an hour (potentially an hour and a half) but that takes so serious effort, and as above, it’s just not that fun anymore.


    Well I’m first in league but I’m still in gold league(I’m a beginner)258 star


    I average 189 seconds from the moment I click on the “battle” button to returning to the main screen with the standings. I can typically average 160-170 stars an hour with 9-10 star wins on most rounds, or about 7 hours to hit 1,000 stars. Process-wise

    1. Don’t spend time determining the opponent’s capabilities. Just dive right into it.
    2. Go it with 5 spells each time
    3. Start flinging. Been playing so long that I know what birds/spells to throw as soon as they become available, based on the room layout
    4. Sometimes I’m already throwing the next bird/spell before the effects from the first throw is done.
    5. Use the fast forward button the moment it becomes available (unless the destructo-meter is about to fill up. When it fills up during a fast forward, it breaks the FF animation and you waste up to 10 seconds)
    6. When I hit 150% of my opponent’s score and they’re out of birds, I throw away my remaining birds to end the round quickly. That way I’m guaranteed 9 stars. If I’m within reasonable reach of 10 stars, I may try to accumulate to 180% of my opponent’s score. You’re better off scoring multiple 9 star rounds, instead of grinding out the 10 star wins (at least if you’re in a long session trying to capture 1st place in a crazy diamond league).

    I know… I know… “Dude! Seriously?”. I’ve maxed out on the hats, regular map, and feathers for the most part (although the 50k feather grind is starting to get laborious). But like Cap Sternn mentioned before, you figure out what you like about the game and run with it. In my case, it’s winning the arena each week. Some weeks it’s a 3,000 star slug fest. This week? Looks like 150 stars takes the cake!

    Happy flinging!

    Angry Beaver

    30 minutes before deadline: leader 1003; 2nd 981; 3rd 968; 12th 199; 13th (me) 121; 15th 0; emerald league.


    Won in the gold league,won tons of gems….no.2 try to chase me in 6 stars I can lose


    Yeah Yue thx for clearing it out :P actually i re-calculated my score for per hour play…your calculations may be true for normal players but i play so fast with 5 spells.

    I calculated my score for 1 hour play and it’s 176 stars in 1 hour and for 10 hours it’s 176×10=1760 stars yeah 1000 stars was too little in 10 hours for me…to test it again i played again for 1 hour and this time it was 173 stars so this is accurate.

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