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  • I’m playing Epic from the day it came out. I’ve done all the levels, all the caves, everything. I have all the weapons except one. Dragonscale for Red. I rolled the golden pig hundreds of times, I’ve got all sort of stuff, all legendary weapons several times each but never ever the Dragonscale. Ive seen way less experienced players with the full set of Dragon Breath. What’s up with that, how in the world is possible that I didn’t get it once? Anybody else having similar experience?

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  • Lucy56

    Yes. I have everything, too. But it took one year to get Titangrip and I still need Ballista Bolts . . . ?


    Yep that’s how the GPM works. Horrible isn’t it? Right now all I seem to get is Dragonscales :P.


    Unfortunately that’s the way it works. You can expect up to tens of duplicates of some set items while going completely dry on the other.

    For me, I get obscene amounts of ballista bolts, the sling and plushies while never getting a phoenix egg, paper or a few others.

    It truly sucks doesnt it.


    Well, I have a lvl 37 Sling and a lvl 41 Plushies when I’m lvl 45. But I don’t want to scrap them because I never get the Sling after lvl 37.


    For me it’s ‘Living Lightening,’ ‘Living Tome,’ ‘Remote Controlled Robot’ and ‘Rock.’ I have rolled EVERY OTHER epic item AT LEAST twice. But those four – NEVER! Not once!


    The GPM to me has become a complete joke. I’m frustrated by Rovio’s lack of randomness when it comes to Gear.


    Missing items is pretty common. I’ve been playing from the beginning, and I’m still missing a couple items:
    – Red’s Primal Axe (but I do have the Spear!)
    – Blues’s Ballista

    I’m very close to having all of the lv.41+ items across the board, just need those last two!


    You new to collect around 200 items at any given level to have a statistical chance at get to them all. This means lots of LC. Just keep Rollin and eventually you have them all. Going up levels seems to mess things up so I recommend trying to get them all without doing so.


    huh? Players should MAX level before rolling. lv.2x gear is worthless junk compared to lv.4x gear. If you’re not lv.40+, save your LCs for classes before spending on spins.

    Golden Piggie

    strange, ive only gotten 1 duplicate out of 10 (different) set items

    Sir Falcon

    I’ve got ALL. And I got them when I was still L25 EXP (friend glitch)


    @graugeist I have 2 primal Axes and no spear,I would give you one if I could. Took me forever to get the Phoenix egg.


    @kookaburra6, That’s OK, as I finally spun Ballista. I had spun up the Spear before the Axe arrived on my calendar, so I’m good there, too. Of course, there’s now the stuff for Chuck…


    Also playing from day one. Reroled every single set item at least twice (apart from Primal- but thats probaly because it only just came out) but still missing the Paper Hand for Bomb. Sth seriously messed up with random values generation in the GPM. And dont even get me started on the rainbow riot scam…


    Yep, rainbow riot.. nobody will convince me that’s random. I’m getting the same stuff over and over again.

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