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  • I used to have Angry Birds 2 on my IPad years ago but deleted due to low storage and the game crashing on a certain level. All of the newer games look bad, but I’d be willing to give Angry Birds 2 another chance. The last Rovio game I played was Angry Birds Action which wasn’t fun. I’ve been thinking about downloading it on my PC since there’s that version. I also have BlueStacks which allows me to play Android games on PC. Which version is better?

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  • SumoBro

    Well, I haven’t played it in a bit, but to my understanding it has become very pay-2-win friendly.  That said, it still is a very fun game.  You’d probably be better off downloading the Windows 10 version since it was made for a computer (and won’t have any weird bugs), but I haven’t ever used BlueStacks.


    Angry Birds 2 is much better than it was back then… it has evolved sooo much! Now there are clans and the arena and the Tower of Fortune and so much more! If you do download AB2, mention this forum and I will make you a co-leader at my clan “Eagle Empire”! (Please note you must reach star rank 7 to unlock clans these days!…


    It’s pretty fun, play as much or as little as you want. Lots of different clans to suit your style. The Windows 10 version has some connection issues that occur daily at certain times, you learn to play around it. Otherwise it’s nice as there isn’t as many people there you have more chance to get to the top. Play on BlueStacks isn’t officially supported so can run into bugs or issues with the Mighty Eagle Bootcamp. But allows you to play in the Apple/Android world with more players, more clans and options of finding one that suits your needs.


    AB2 is a lot of fun! I love the clans, the arena and the daily challenges 😊

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum How is Angry Birds 2?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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