How do I login?

  • When I start ABEpic I always get “logged in as guest”.
    How do I login? My phone does not show any Rovio account option, just “login with facebook” (which I did).
    I don’t know how to connect with friends and so on.
    Anyone willing to help?

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  • AMslimfordy

    Go to your “Nest” within Epic, then click the top section of the Totem Pole.


    Like I said, tried that already.
    Top part of the totem pole just shows the connect with Facebook option.


    @gemma-r : You can try going to and creating an account there first. (You can also create an account through the original Angry Birds app.) If you still don’t get the Rovio sign-in option, then you’ll have to contact support at


    Did all of the above, contacted Rovio, got nowhere still…
    Very disappointed.


    Also, I had logged in with my usual fb account.
    Now I’ve created one for Epic only, to add friends.
    But logging out does not erase the login data, so if I try to login again it will use my first fb account and I cannot choose my newly created one.
    Any idea?

    I’m lost…


    I just created Rovio account and having the same dilemma. In totem pole there is only FB-sign in available. Have you Gemma already solved the issue?

    Another question: I’ve been playing as a guest for a while now and now in level 17. So do I need to start over with new account? Not an appealing choice…


    Seems like we’re on the same boat…
    Very sad


    @sannis Nope. Just sign in that game progress with your Rovio Account.


    I just got the reply from the Rovio staff.
    Apparently Rovio account is not an available feature on Windows Phone.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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