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  • For Angry Birds Star Wars 2, I’ve completed almost all levels of the game and gotten three stars on all levels except Master Your Destiny. I have 2536 coins/credits, and I want to earn more so I can get a permanent Darth Vader to help me through the Master Your Destiny levels. How can I earn more credits without BUYING them? Is it possible?

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  • AMslimfordy

    Many in-game achievements award you with Bird coins.


    @drjensen – You can’t, to the best of my knowledge.

    If you have already 3 starred the other chapters, you have already run through the achievements that you can earn. Darth Vader is simply too expensive.

    But you don’t need a permanent Darth Vader to succeed. Is the point to finish this chapter or to get a permanent Vader?

    I started off with half of your coin and no permanent characters. I’m making it to the end, three starring levels because of the big bonus involved. That can be #extremely# expensive character-wise without the help here. The walk-throughs here are essential to me at the moment. In the past I have avoided them until I could see no other solution, but this time I’m consulting every single walkthrough for levels that I have not three starred already, before spending a character.

    Good luck to you. Be extremely parsimonious using your characters at first, this chapter requires a very different strategy.


    Thanks for the replies. The point is really just to have a permanent Darth Vader. So many of the user comments on the walkthroughs on Master Your Destiny call for the use of Darth Vader, and I only have 1 Darth left. I had to use a lot of credits to buy characters to unlock all of the Reward Chapters, so now my credit balance is a little low. Also, on the walkthrough videos for Master Your Destiny, whoever posted those has a permanent Darth Vader, Han Solo, Obi Wan, Darth Maul, and Mace Windu. How the heck did that person get those, without buying credits? Maybe he did buy credits, though.

    Anyway, I would like a permanent Darth Vader, but I don’t NEED one to complete the levels. Just thought it would make the game more fun and prevent me from depleting my inventory of characters. I don’t like the fact that the game is forcing us to use our earned characters just to complete these new levels, since there is no way to earn any more credits in the game to buy more characters. Carbonite is the only way to earn more characters now, I guess.


    For gaining more coins/credits — Did you collect all the coins that came out in the Galactic Giveaway? There is a forum telling you how many there are on each level, and pics showing the location on a lot of the levels.
    Also, you really need to be diligent about collecting the carbonite melts. If you “watch” the ads whenever available, you can get 3 to 5 melts from 2 melting opportunities.
    FYI I completed the Master Your Destiny episode without permanent characters, although I did buy the permanent ability to swap pork-side into bird-side.
    Also the videos were made by the admins; the name of the specific admin appears at the end of each. They may well have spent real money to buy permanent characters.



    I have come to a point in the game where I have completed all of the Achievements. All that I lack to complete the game is unlocking a couple of birds(Leia and Chopper), and a couple porks(Red Battle Droid and Hologram Darth Sidious). In order to complete the Master Your Destiny using the walkthroughs, I had to purchase the Permanent Darth Vader and Battle Droid for the Pork side, and the Permanent Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo for the Bird Side. This left me with only 260 coins(there are still a few levels that I haven’t gotten all of the coins out of, but only about 10-15).
    Does anyone( @AMslimfordy @Bird Leader ) know if a future update will include a way that you can continue earning coins? I enjoy playing the game and ever since I added my scores to the leaderboard, I have been trying to get higher scores on each level. However, there are only a limited number of birds/porks in my ‘shopping cart’ and once I use them then there will be nothing else I can use to help raise my level scores. If there was a way to continue earning coins, players would have a motive to continue playing the game even after they have completed all of the achievements. A suggestion may be to implement the PC game method(each time you repeat any level you get coins as a reward depending on the number of stars you get for that level). By earning more coins, a person could buy more permanent characters, special packs, and individual birds/porks. I know that there is still another chapter that is going to be added in the future, but the coins collected from those levels still would not be enough to buy more perm characters. Even another Gallactic Giveaway wouldn’t give very many options as to what to spend the coins on. The above PC game method would keep me playing for hours in hopes of collecting enough coins to buy more and more perms. Thanks for listening.


    Very nice post, cutigers98. I agree with you 100%. I actually stopped playing the game because I could not see a way to complete the Master Your Destiny levels without spending real money on a permanent character. I may take up the game again at some point, but I lost interest in the game because of the Master Your Destiny levels and the requirement of those levels to use up characters that I had worked so hard to earn. I was happy to see the Rebels levels added, and I played a few of those. (The Rebels levels do not deplete your character inventory.) But I just lost a lot of interest in the game after my internal dilemma about the Master Your Destiny levels, and the prospect of spending money in order to continue on in the game.

    I may be in the minority with this opinion, but I just wanted to state that I agree with cutigers98’s post above. Thanks.


    You don’t need permanents at all in master your destiny (except Yoda). Just get a bird coins 999 for the summer package with infinite Yoda. Then go and play master your destiny. When you advance, you will get perm,anent Anakin podracer and many other birds. I am a jedi grand master 1 with this
    Note: this is only for bird side.

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